Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How to Pick Perfect Boots?

Winter is coming, but in Czech weather is still quite clement. Even though it's quite warm I decided eventually to buy  boots for upcoming season as I found the perfect ones! What makes me think it's perfect? 

I always has one rule: Shoes as one which makes me walk all day has to be comfy! I can't even describe how many times I bought a pair of some gorgeous heels and later suffered during whole day at work! Later there is none such pleasure as taking them off. If it is comfy I look for some other features. These boots have couple of strong points: 

 1. It is made from leather! Crucial factor for me, as just leather really adapts to foot and becomes nearly extension of my body. It makes my feet breathe and I will avoid taking out from lovely shoe stinky feet while at somebodies house, which always makes me so embarrassed!

2. It has perfect design. It is kinda rough, a bit in so-called rock style, yet stays classic which makes them over times and over trends. (Big plus for ending in the good place of an ankle to make leg look slender.)

3. It has very attractive price as for such piece. 

4. It is comfy so I can stay in it for hours and still be able to walk. 

How do you like them?

Shoes are from BATA and you can find them HERE.

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