Tuesday, 29 July 2014


As some of you may remember I loooove to shop in vintage stores where I can find clothes of excellent quality in a very good prices, sometimes though there is the problem with it's size. :/ I don't remember, if I mentioned before that I enjoy to re-make the clothes I find in second hand shops and create totally new garments out of it. If I didn't today is going to be the first time. 

Let me introduce you to how to make an asymmetric skirt tutorial :D

Basically what you need is a skirt approx 10 sizes too big for you, made from fabric you love and 4 attaching snaps buttons. It has to be a simple skirt (maybe like a pencil skirt or one with the rubber around the waist). Remember it is crucial for it to be simple! The reason for it is that you need to get a rectangular piece of fabric out of it. 

Once you have an rectangular the only thing is to attach the snaps to it. One part of first snap you attach to the very (lets say) left corner and its second part you have to fit to your waist size. Once you will do it rectangular will fit you and should stay around your waist. You are left now just with 3 snaps. One its part you attach to loose part of skirt, the other one you need to measure and attach to the core part of the dress. Once done it is finished- asymmetric skirt is ready. 

I hope I explained it right- below you can see the pic-tutorial how the buttons are being attached and my look in this skirt. 

How do you like this project and it's final effect?

skirt HOME MADE/top CALLIOPE/shoes ANNAGEMMAGIE/sunglasses IAM

Monday, 28 July 2014


Todays question of the day: is it okey to wear the same color on your fingers and toe nails?

Why this question? Well lets start from the beginning. For ages now I was using a set on my nails: black on toes and pale pink on fingers. But yesterday I just needed some refreshment so I covered my toes with some pale pink and fingers with beige. Later on I was doing some cleaning in the bathroom and, as you can imagine, all my manicure got totally destroyed, so today before going to work, because of acting so totally automatically, I put on my finger nails pale pink. 

I left the house, sat in the tram seen what I have done and thought: 'Hmmm...'. Until I reached the-OFFICE I already felt awkward in it and by the time I finished, I wanted to scrub this horrible pale pink off myself... hahahahah

Okey, I am exaggerating. I survived and literally nothing had happen. More! I believe that no one even noticed this 'nail polish faux pas', but I am curious your opinion:
Would you or would you not wear the same color on your finger and toe nails?

dress H&M/bag VINTAGE/flip-flops VINTAGE FAIR/sunglasses TIGER

Sunday, 27 July 2014


With a bit of delay I can announce that I HAVE BEEN ON POHODA FESTIVAL! 

Where is it?
Trencin, Slovakia. Website HERE.

How to get there?
There is no direct buses to Trencin airport, where festival takes place, so the best option is to travel by car. If you do not have car, check festival's website, or Facebook fan page, where lots of people is offering a lift for reasonable price. 

What to pack? 
Wellingtons, tent, parka jacket are must haves, I advise to take also a supply of fresh water (the closest shop is quite far away from the village). Festival village is quite nicely equipped, so you can expect: place where phone can be charged, showers, free wifi all around the field, lots of restaurants (also quite impressive choice of vegetarian dishes), coffee places, fashion shops and gift shops (if you hunt for cool festival- tagged bag, as I did, you have to hunt for it at the very first day. The amount of all gadgets is limited). All info you will find in info-book you can get at the gate when entering. 

Do you travel with kids? 
In the village was a special tent for kids, where the youngest participants of the event could enjoy some pre-organised entertainment. 

This year top performances, as per my subjective choice:
1. Kraftwerk 3D show with amazing visualizations. 
2. Broke- danish band with extremely, positive energy
3. ESEZLESA- Czech band bringing to my mind sound from teenage times by SOMETHING LIKE ELVIS BAND
4. Moderat- it became my very favourite band now! :D

5. Disclosure- <3


In the newest Sonia Rykiel campaign with Gisele Bundchen presents exactly this kind of woman I want to be! No make up, naturally styled hair and cheerful smile- that is what made model beautiful on this pics. For all vintage-fans as myself, was added the element of 70's inspired stylization. 

Hope to see more like this!

Thursday, 24 July 2014


It took me couple of years, thousands of hours in fitting rooms and a lot of courage to eventually get off doubts about jumpsuit. Yeah, it is trendy and yeah it looks fancy and yeah, all this bla- bla- bla, but truly I have never ever seen any, which would look good on me. This happens actually quite often- pieces, which looks gorgeous on models, on photos in magazines and which I admire on mannequins in shop-windows when pulled on mine body starts to look like a bag for potatoes :/ Due to this traumatic experience for long time I didn't even try on any jumpsuit- not to lower my selfesteem, 'cos who likes to see him/herself looking hideous??? 

I lived safe life in my cave free of jumpsuits until I have seen one of my favourite fashion bloggers: Maffashion in gorgeous blue jumpsuit looking so sophisticated and so chic as no one before (to verify my taste you can check HERE). That was the moment I understood that I have to go hunting and find exactly the same piece! 

As you can imagine searching for ideal piece always ends with nothing, and so that had happen. No jumpsuit, no outfit of blue queen and no happy face for me, my friends... I agreed with my destiny and get over with greeve and that is when miracle had happen. TOTALLY BY ACCIDENT I went for sale shopping and I actually didn't even want to buy anything, rather to verify that all the best is already sold out when I reached shop I usually do not go in and found THE ONE AND ONLY PERFECT JUMPSUIT!

After trying it on for half an hour I decided it passed the test and I still love it and so you can see it now on pics. It is fully mine and I will never split with it. Now I have everything- I am fulfilled and I can enjoy my time peacefully! 

jumpsuit TALLY WEIL/backpack H&M/sunglasses NEW YORKER

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Mixing different patterns is always bit of a risk, isn't it? Polka dot and stripes, checked fabric with animal print and all other mixes can cause a bit of concern, but sometimes we just have to go wild, don't we? 

So did I yesterday, when matching stripped top with animal print skirt. I came up with it by way of elimination. I wanted to wear this top (New Look)as I have it for couple of weeks and I never felt like wearing it. Wearing it with black skirt was so boring, so to chose a perfect match I checked all the skirts and pants I have in my wardrobe (made a huge mess in the meantime, but luckily 53R102K4 showed understanding!). At the bottom, the last one I tried, was this old colourful skirt from Next. When put together it stole my heart. 

Sorry, but on pics I am speaking with 53R102K4*(not about the mess though) but conversation couldn't wait and unfortunately pics could not be made later. 

biker New Look, glasses New Yorker, backpack H&M

skirt NEW LOOK/top NEW LOOK/jacket NEW LOOK/back pack H&M/sunnies NEW YORKER


Who  loves sales??? I definitely do! 

In the middle of the summer all brands, luxurious and main stream ones, organise a happening for all fashion addicts (like myself) and decide to sell out all the garments up to 75% less than original price! Good bargain? Undoubtedly, especially that during this time we already know trends for upcoming season and we can simply buy something for future.

My way to deal with sales involves a lot of walking around the shops, but it is so worth it. Usually, I do one round through shops in the very first week of sales- even though everything is still quite expensive to asses what is there. If you were anxious to buy something from the middle of the March, but due to it's ridiculous price your conscious was stopping you, this is the moment to buy it! 

There is also a bunch of stuff we don't so-so-urgently-need and these ones can wait for the second round through sales, in the middle/end of July. This is not only time when everything reaches it's lowest price. Important is that all the old things from last season are being pushed out from warehouses and this is the time when you can find some bargains and shop for autumn. 

I usually shop two type of things: shoes- there is nothing better than pair of amazing leather shoes in crazy, low price(!), and things I would never-ever buy in it's regular price, but wont refuse to get it for when it's nearly for free.

My pics this summer were: 
leather stilettos- it would be a sign not to buy it!
skirt- just 'cos it was so cute,
jumpsuit- I was afraid I will never wear it and now I'd not take it off even to sleep, 
top with transparent detail- c'mon this trend is so hot! 
and bunch of accessory including necklaces, rings, bracelets, bag (my backpack is from H&M not CHANEL, but looks so-so alike I didn't find it's picture though :/ ) and of course sunglasses.

What was your pics?
Happy hunting!!!
1. top and skirt from MOHITO; 2. stilettos from RESERVED; 3. jumpsuit, sunglasses TALLY WEIL, 4. backpack, rings, (tops, bracelets, necklaces not included here) H&M

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Did you know that Eskimos has a couple of words to differ white colour?* I remember how surprised I was when I first heard about it. Amazing how environment affects our vocabulary, but it truly does. Reason is boringly logical. We speak about things we see, so if our surrounding has different colours white, why not to give them names to make life easier? 
In my language we have just one WHITE colour and we are more used to differ shades of gray, which I believe is more culturally conditioned. If it is about white, it is being used to tame the hot weather. We believe white do not attracts sun, so lower experiencing of heat. Whatever cools down also helps to survive summer in the city. 
Inspired by Eskimo vocabulary and summer trend for white took a challenge of setting different shades of white to tame both hot weather and office dress-code. I hope you like the effect. 
*I am using expression of 'couple of words white' to simplify my thoughts. I need to explain myself that I know that we are not able to translate directly from any language to another, so if you are interested in Eskimo vocab please check for example HERE.


Monday, 21 July 2014


(Recently I try to focus on FASHION BLOGGING, but today it's time for a bit of EGOBLOGGING*. )

I become a bit passive lately. I don't know, maybe it is so called Spring Solstice. 

It has been more than half of the 2014 gone, so time for a little summary has come. I set up some goals (yeah, yeah... NEW-YEAR RESOLUTIONS are coming back to me as a hiccup) and I so-so-so very want to achieve it by the end of December. To really make it happen I decided to do a little review. 

Now after a couple of months, I KNOW what I have missed, I KNOW whenever I have skipped the training or did not focus on my VF project or just have been lazy. I am the most strict judge for myself, simply because I KNOW EVERYTHING! The worst part is that THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.

The reason I write it down is that now, when it is published, I will motivate me more. I will squeeze myself as a lemon and make my project work. I will also proceed with my training, even though it is so G*D* hot and exercising is the hardest activity ever. 

It is like my trainer always says: If I give up now, just because it is hard, it will not make it easier. I will make myself look ridiculous instead.  

So fingers crossed, attitude improved, head up and I am going to rule this world .

*I read this term on one of the blogs, HERE.

P.S. One of my recent looks to still be connected to fashion ;)

Friday, 18 July 2014


There was 200 guests gathered on a small island nearby Capri last weekend They were treated with all due respect and lead to fairy tale reminding place, where breath taking Dolce and Gabanna fashion show was going to happen. 

The models, who came to an island on flotilla of boats, were strolling in gorgeous, enormously big and amazingly beautiful dresses. Gowns of princesses' from Disney's movies were interspersed with sophisticated and chic sets. The colours were juicy and gorgeously matched, patterns as always in the duet's work were rich but stayed classy, design flattered all the silhouettes. Perfection!

The island, the gowns, the models was fairy and marvelous. Fashion is an art and designer's duet confirmed again they are the top artists in it's field.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Due to lack of time, pictured post. 
Maxi skirt is one of my favourites during the summer. Hope you like it.
Have a good day!


Monday, 14 July 2014


Couple of pictures which inspired me lately. 

All pics were found on blogs/fbprofiles/instagram, which I follow If I did not mention you and you do not want me to post your pic, please let me know and find interesting. Check it yourself HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


How to pack make up for a trip? Think what you use the most and take just this items.

I am crazy about face colour, so concealer, moisturising cream, foundation and transparent powder as MUST HAVES. To finish up my none make up look I use blush, Rimmel mascara (it makes my lashes to be twice as long!) and Vaseline, which will not only make my lips shiny, but also bring relief if the weather is too hot/cold. As this items usually fill in my cosmetic bag, I usually resign from fancy eye-make-up and take just eye-shadows I use the most. In my case it's black and white set. If I have these basic colours I can play with it, mix it with each other, bronzer or blush to get color I want. 

Manicure or pedicure issues? The best is to make a full treatment before leaving home, but just to be sure you wont walk around with half made nails I advise to take a small bottle of nail polish with yourself. Small bottles are usually appearing in shops during the summer.

Make Up Issues when Bagpacking ? Think of essentials!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


During summer I try to use my time as efficiently as possible. Last week we decided to go canoeing. How to organise a good canoeing trip? Lets check it out!

What you will need? 
Firstly find a place offering water activities. Surprisingly there is really lots of them. Check it, by typing your location in any browser. If you are located nearby Czech/Austrian border, I can recommend place we chose: a river leading from village LEDNICE to BRECLAV (link to website we used you can find HERE).

Secondly invite your friends. When location and prices are checked the idea need to be announced to all your friends. If everything is already prepared, it should not be very difficult to convince them by promising great time. 

Once you have a list of people we gonna participate, you all have to discuss, if you prefer to enjoy wild nature or sport activities. We wanted both, so the way we have chosen was leading through wild forests, the grasslands for horses and leading to the old castle, where we could have our lunch and relax. 

It is very important to remember about your physical possibilities! Don't overestimate your strength!

Once you will complete all tasks there is nothing more than just to enjoy the trip :D

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Are you as thrilled as I am when it comes to #ALEXANDERWANG&HM collaboration? From the moment designer announced it on his #INSTAGRAM I am awaiting the results of his work. Recently to satisfy our curiosity designer released couple of pics documenting progress of works done. The pics shows: key chain and excerpt of something- probably bag with mat.  

Collection is coming to 250 shops across the world on 6th of November and will include woman and man clothing, accessories as well as first time appearing group of products under mysterious name: 'objects of daily use'. I am awaiting sporty yet chic garments, probably in black and white colours.  

H&M is choosing the greatest for it's collaborations. H&M's creative adviser Margareta van den Bosch summarized simply: "Alexander Wang is one of the most important voices in fashion today. He understands exactly what people want to wear and does it with an energy and passion that's infectious. It feels incredible to be collaborating with him this year."

Now just patience can save me...

Monday, 7 July 2014


Recently I am writing a lot about BASICS (mostly HERE and HERE). This is simply because I believe both firstly it is much grater challenge to create inspiring look-book with use of just couple of garments instead of each time presenting totally new clothes; secondly I do not think that perfect looks are about consumption but more about learning how to gather garments that will suit my personality and style timelessly.  

One of this basics which I love is WHITE DRESS. Once you will find the perfect one, you will not want to take it off and will stay with you for years. To totally disagree with what I wrote in paragraph before I will admit now that I have got couple of white dresses. To justify myself I can just say that each and every one of them is in a different style. 

This one from H&M and I like couple of things about it: firstly it is simple, secondly it has underlined waist; thirdly it has very delicate embroidery with some lace details which is making it girlish. Perfect for summer!

Enjoy creating your list of essentials!

dress H&M/heels BATA/belt RESERVED/sunglasses NEW YORKER

Friday, 4 July 2014


Is it possible for anything to be always in fashion? Surprisingly it is. When some images comes and goes, others accompanying us in it's various forms constantly through the centuries. 

Timeless piece of art is cameo. The oldest ones are dated back in ancient Greece. It was used to praise it's lords and heroes as well as to document the history of the nation. Continued by Romans, but than experienced times of oblivion  and came back only during renaissance. As its original execution was incredibly expensive due to both materials and craftsmanship of an artist, when cameo was introduced to the public it changed it's form slightly. During 19th century was introduced to fashion and widely used especially as a brooch portraying a woman.

Nowadays we still get inspired by either ancient symbol or Art Nevous heritage. Modern art allows us to remake itself and so we remade also cameo. I decided to chose it in a form bypassing its previously tactile form and becoming flat two colored print. 

How do you like cameo tee? 


Wednesday, 2 July 2014


 Summer is an great time to play with fashion. During strict winter I need to remember about comfort before anything else(!), but now when weather is kind  I can let my imagination go wild.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I am so about this vest that I will continue set of vest looks today as well :)

Sometimes i experience ONE-THING-ADDICTION for a day or two and this is what happened to me now. I believe it is increasing also due to FESTIVAL TREND present all around. I am telling you guys, this vest is definitely going with me for festival next week!!! (I just hope that I will not have to take another festival-essential WELLINGTONS... fingers crossed for the weather ;) )

If any of you will be nearby Slovakia next week try to check POHODA, there is going to be a bunch of amazing artists performing ;)

Btw 'cos of my very active schedule during holidays and also 'cos of following worldwide trend I decided to become Instagramer. Will see if I will catch 'this-thing' and publish something valuable. I challenged myself to be focused all day long for a perfect shot. Will see how it will go :D (can't say weather I am excited 'cos of festival or Instagram, lol)

Have a good Tuesday!

dress VINTAGE/vest VINTAGE/boots BATA

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