Friday, 30 January 2015


Are you ready for a weekend??? 

Do you need any weekend inspiration? I have prepared couple of tracks from YOUTUBE channel of Slavi Tonev (link HERE) and few gorgeous pictures to stimulus your creativity this weekend.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


No more excuses! It is time to work on your legs before wearing mini skirts and bikinis during the summer. I have already started following routine presented by Karlie Kloss. Do you want to join me and prepare your legs for mini skirt season? Let's get started.

Start standing straight. Bend your knees in a kinda-sitting position (not fully though). Extend one leg and lift knee upward (pointed the toes),  return to an extended position, bring leg back to the other one and straighten up the legs.  It is important to perform the exercise correctly to get the best result, so avoid swinging the leg. After doing series for one leg, switch them. (Working on one leg will make you feel the muscles burn :D)  Start with 10 reps and built it up.

Monday, 26 January 2015


Hi Guys!

I need your opinion on these pics I share below. Do you like it?

I have made it, myself in the backyard of my house. As always pics are not perfect (how perfect it can be if it is made with self-timer? :D), but I like the combo of this dress and the jacket and that is why I have decided to post it anyway. To pimp it up I added some filters and once it was done, asked my friend, if he likes it. His answer could not make me more surprised! He said, that I look creepy and have unstable eyes in it.... 'OMG!- I have replied- What does it mean? Do I look like a psycho on it???' He replied to me ' Well, probably we have different taste in aesthetics. Don't worry.'

But honestly he could not make me worried more!

I decided to share these pics anyway. I am very curious of your opinion about them.

Thanks a lot for all replies!


Friday, 23 January 2015


Have you got any plans for weekend? I have a bunch of stuff to do, so I have organized every single minute of it...  

Thursday, 22 January 2015



Are you struggling with lack of space in the closet? I do too... To tame a space in it, I make a clean up at least twice a year. To decide which clothes to give away or (what is even more terrifying) to throw away is not easy. At the back of my head, I hear a voice whispering 'I am going to miss it so much...' Do you know that feeling? A couple of times I have made a terrible mistake and lost valuable items. To avoid that in future I have implemented a successful method. If you need some help to clean your closet check my way of doing it.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


There is one problem area that each and every girl should work on- underarms. I don't know how about yours, but mine got a bit fluffy since I turned 25 and every year it gets worse and worse... As it stops me from wearing my very favourite vests and tank tops I decided to fight with it. I say decisive 'no' to jelly under arms! Wanna join me in sculpting it? Following these four simple moves will help us to achieve our goal!!! Let's get started

Before starting prepare 2 bottles of water or alternatively two weights.

1. Begin in a standing position with slightly bended legs. Extended one leg to the side. Keep arms  firm at chest level with elbows angled just slightly upward. In your hands hold a three-pound weight (alternatively water bottle). Rotate the torso towards extended leg side and simultaneously lift the leg toward your stomach bending a knee. This exercise works on shoulders, triceps, biceps, and the underside of your arms and chest, so it works all places we show, when in strapless dresses! The rotation at the waist also tones your core, while the thigh lift helps work on balance and stability.

Monday, 19 January 2015


I am terrified with fact that I experience writer's block.... OMG, I hope it won't last for long.... I feel like there is literally nothing what I can write... Such an awful feeling!

If I can't make it with words, let me entertain you with my latest look. It is kinda grunge stylization. I don't know if I shared with you already that grunge and punk aesthetics are ones that influenced me the most when I was a teenager and till now I keep coming back to it. How do you like this look?

Have a good Monday!


Sunday, 18 January 2015


How was your weekend??? 

Mine was very busy as I am working on a new project. As you may recall I am very into a healthy lifestyle and my project is about it as well. The idea popped up in my head after watching a video I want to share with you.  I love the emotions it builds up in me. It is so positive and beautiful and motivates me a lot. 

I will update you with my project results next week and for now I wish to inspire you to start a fit routine and make this week the best you could have.

Follow Lily Aldridge, get inspired and start this week in its full!

Friday, 16 January 2015


Hi Guys, so it's Friday! To get you a bit into party mood, check the track by Moderat.

Do you need any outfit inspiration for a weekend??? Check pics of SS2015 McQ collection, which is my latest crush . I love every single piece of it! Such a pity I do not have a spare billion dollar to get it... It is as McQ  showed also in the past, inspired with rebellious punk culture adjusted and fitted for an uptown girl standards. My favorite looks you can see below. They are simple and distinct at the same time- something I am heading to achieve when creating my looks- and expect outfits inspired with it soon. I know, I am aiming high, but lets take this challenge and play with fashion this season! :D

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Are you dreaming of firm butt? Follow these exercises by Justin Gelband presented in GIFS below. The only thing you need to do it is MOTIVATION. Prepare your butt before pulling on shorts this summer enjoying this butt-sculpting exercises!

How to do it?

First 3 exercises starts on your hands and knees with your back straight. These are variations of the same exercise, but targeting different parts of glutes. Start with 10 and build to 20 repetitions. If you need rest in child pose after each exercise.

1.  lift your leg straight up till the butt level. Move it slowly upwards, repeat this movement two times. Focus- the smaller the motion and the more resistance in your leg, the better result it gives.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I was wondering what to wear tomorrow to work and set up this collage to get inspired. How do you like those outfits? 


P.S. These mule-alike heels and stilettos are to die for! I am searching for pairs like this on sales, so if you have seen it anywhere, pls let me know!
Pictures found online. If you feel, that in any way I violated copyrights, please let me know. I will either remove the picture or list it's author on my blog.

Monday, 12 January 2015


 I came to my office and excited. Not every Monday make me so thrilled, but today is different, 'cos today is #MargielaMonday!

What is it? It is a date of a new beginning for one of the most creative designers and one of the most extravagant fashion houses. John Galliano, who after couple years of banishment, got a second chance in the fashion world, is going to present his very first collection for Maison Martin Margiela. His comeback was announced already in October 2014, Renzo Rosso, president of OTB group, introduced this cooperation saying: “Margiela is ready for a new charismatic creative soul. John Galliano is one of the greatest, undisputed talents of all time — a unique, exceptional couturier for a maison that always challenged and innovated the world of fashion. I look forward to his return to create that fashion dream that only he can create and wish him to here find his new home.”

Today results of this collaboration will be presented to the audience. How will it be? Stay tuned and witness how 'new era begins on #MargielaModay'. 

BTW I attach my Monday look. What do you think of it?


Sunday, 11 January 2015


                                                      “Fashion fade, style is eternal”
                                                                     Yves Saint Laurent

During past decades fashion trends have been changing as fast as pictures in kaleidoscope, and every season there is more revolting fashion ideas than fishes in the see.

Regardless all 'new', there is a few timeless fashion designs. Such items are unchangeable fashion icons and always remain in style. Use discounts on sales to get them! Enjoy the most sophisticated design in the best possible price.

Thursday, 8 January 2015


I came across this set of 5 exercises yesterday. It is designed by fitness guru Justin Gelband and in gifs below you can see model Karlie Kloss, walking advertisement of it. It is awesome, 'cos it targets both upper and lower abs and help to keep trouble zone around the belly nice and flat. 
Fans of the crop tops- lets begin workout before summer comes!

How to do it? 
All exercises start up in plank position. For them to be effective, it is very important to keep correct posture. Focus on few things and succeed! Keep your back and arms straight, hands need to be below the shoulders and booty can't fall down. Keep the contraction in all the muscles and when you will feel it is too hard remember that you do it for yourself! Keep in your mind what result you want to get and do not give up!

1. Raise your glutes a bit to avoid scraping knee on the floor. Pull legs inside towards your abs, Do not let your knee to pass the waist not to loose the contraction. Do it
alternatively, one leg after another.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


My New Years resolutions are all about motivating myself and all this 'bla- bla- bla' to become better, stronger faster? lol and more successful. Since 1st of January I am sitting in my bed, covered with duvet and web browsing contemplating on ideas how to rule this world and I came across a Black & White Tuxedo Style Contest on (more you can read HERE).

'Is there any better motivation than a little of competition?'- I thought and made a choice to join it. I don't know if I have real chances to win, 'cos some entries are really good and lots of pictures are much better than mine. There was nothing loose and is something to gain, so I believe it is worth a try.

I spent Sunday afternoon trying on all my clothes and doing my best to come up with something interesting. I had lots of fun and feel like I already won, by giving it a try :D

How do you like final look? I would be more than happy if some of you,  hype my look. If you like it of course ;) Hype bar is below the pictures.


Monday, 5 January 2015


It is not easy to shop on sales. To become successful you need to dig through pales of clothes and decide what do you want need to buy.

Check the trends for upcoming season before they storm the streets, get inspired and enjoy your shopping on sales!

Friday, 2 January 2015


I want to become a better this year!

One of my new year resolutions is to improve my stamina as well as to live healthy lifestyle. I will change my eating habits and do excercises. For the first month I am going to follow program developed by my very favorite trainer Jillian Michaels. Its name is 'Ripped in 30', so it says it all. The schedule of exercises is divided into 4 parts, each part for each week and additionally whole program is enriched with meal plan, helping to improve eating habits. 

After first round of exercises yesterday my corps is in such a pain, that I know I did good job :) If you like to work out at home, check it out. I fully recommend it!

MY TIP: I was exercising regularly already for a while. After watching first video, I have noticed it is for beginners, so I decided to skip it and start from the 2nd one. I will expand the length of cycle to 10 days, follow firstly beginners modification of excercies than advanced one and focus on improving my posture to fully profit from this work out..

Check the teaser and link to meal plan HERE

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Today a New Year has begun! I am so excited, 'cos it is going to be a good one. It may seem, that I am so confident about it, as I would have a crystal ball to see the future, but it is not the case. I do not need to have any magical equipment to know how I will live my life this year, 'cos I already have everything to achieve what I want. The features are motivation, consistency, belief in myself and positive attitude with which I will greet every single day!

Not to be lonely with my happiness I want to wish you all exactly the same amazing future! I wish you all to fell in love with yourself and be for yourself the best partner you have ever had (unless you already are so, than I wish you to continue this relationship with confidence). 

I wish you all to find more time for yourself, your hobbies and self- development. I believe that if you push yourself, you can achieve everything, so once it happens take your time to award yourself and enjoy the successes. 

I wish you all to be your best friend, 'cos when you are so, all the universe will support you in whatever you need help. 

Happy New Year to you all!

If you feel that in any way I violated copyrights, please let me know. I will either list you here or remove the picture from my blog.
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