Tuesday, 29 April 2014


OMG!!! The worst thing just begun to happen... I believe that my laptop is dying!!!

I will start from the begging. I am not sure if I wrote you before about enterprise I am creating from scratch for past couple of months, but I do so for several months already and all my activities are focused around it. To do so I need a bunch of tools and I try to use the best equipment, but my laptop... Well my laptop is an old grandpa, that it remembers T-Rex wondering around, but up till yday it was unbreakable beast! Lately though my little baby had to bare a lot! As you can imagine, 'cos of my new activities I needed to install a lot of software to make my life easier and my baby was so badly overloaded with apps... 

To sum up what happened: I installed another software and cause of unknown reason I lost the sound drivers... Sound drivers... Sounds easy, but it is truely not! After reading thousands of articles (worth adding that I work as an IT and I know like a bit about sound drivers from work as well) I don't understand why (... owh, why??? )  these drivers are not getting installed, why restore of previous settings do not work and basically why my little helpless baby stopped making any sounds at all??? 

I gotta try to fix it now together with my boy or I will need to buy a new one device, 'cos this one is sooooooo old that fixing it probably will cost more than buying a new one :/

Have a nice day and healthy laptops!

dress RIVER ISLAND/jacket DIESEL/trainers H&M

Friday, 25 April 2014


I have just watched a short spot from The Vogue Festival and I need to share with you two findings.

Firstly I just can not believe how is it possible that I haven't watch and/or followed live and/or took a month off at work traveled to London and took part in this event! I have got a feeling like I would live in parallel galaxy, where infos about this event didn't come yet. Well, I heard/read about this (thank you grand-pa Internet), but I was so busy with myself that I didn't pay proper attention to it... I know that I was an ignorant and now I am willing to change.

Secondly watching this spot was so refreshing and mind opening! The subject of this particular one was regarding so called GOOD and BAD taste and it's cultural conditioning. (As anthropologist an fashion victim I loved observations of Garyson Perry and I will definitely watch his series In the Best Possible Taste!!!) To summarize, IT IS WORTH WATCHING, so if you want to check this spot out click here. I am going to watch now some more spots and will share with you whatever will draw my attention. 

Btw shoes of Jo Ellison are just to die for!!!

jacket DKNY/dress RESERVED/shoes VANS/bag TOPSHOP

Monday, 21 April 2014


What is Easter 2014 for me? It is a proof of my weak will!

I was ruining whatever I achieved by eating like a vacuum cleaner from yesterday... I feel so bad about it, but I just couldn't stop... From now on I will start fighting again though... I will be drinking green and red tee till evening to cheat my stomach so it will feel full and from tomorrow I will come back to my regular diet... (Thanks God I was at least exercising normally, cos otherwise I would feel so so bad...)

Ok, it is Easter... I will forgive myself this last time, but from today onwards (from this exactly very moment onwards) I have to stick to the diet. No sugar, no meat, no extra carbohydrates... just vegetables, fruits, yogurts all day long. Don't get tricked I do eat a lot while I started my loose-belly-marathon, but I try to eat smart. I was thinking- 'if for two months I will get used to healthy food, I will not have SUCH A HUGE DESIRE for all this shitty junk food...' I could not be more wrong! From the moment I ate one piece of chocolate it just went as an avalanche- pizza, another chocolate and this and that... I was unstoppable...

Jeez, how is it possible even to put so much into such a tiny body? 

But now I am coming back on track... just 6 weeks left before my trip home, when I have to fit in to very tiny dress and I promise to myself to stay focused from now on :)

top H&M/jacket NEW LOOK/shorts NEW LOOK/bag EBAY

Sunday, 20 April 2014


I don't know how to make pictures of white sets...! I already noticed that some time ago, but I do not give up and today I wanted again to face this challenge. Unfortunately I failed again to show the texture of white fabric with huge disadvantage for whole look presentation...

Spring is fully present in Brno, but it is too cold to wear both tee and naked legs at the same time. Perfect moment to wear THIS sweat!- I thought.. It is awesome with beautifully pressed pattern- some kind of art nouveau thingy containing bits of flowers, bits of swirls. Due to cloudy weather light was scattered today, so I did not manage to make perfect pictures and you cannot see this pressed art at all... :/

What to do? Well, I promise to learn more of how-to-make-perfect-pics-while-cloudy-weather, but today I will share with you what I have. 

Have a happy Easter!

sweat RESERVED/skirt BERSHKA/trainers H&M/bag EBAY/sunglasses NEW YORKER/oversized ring with white stone H&M


From the moment I started my blog I created Polyvore account, but up until now cause of unknown reasons I didn't use it.  

The other day though, while I was at work I have been thinking 'What to wear tonight' and I discovered Polyvore all over again. I had so much fun while mixing and matching items from H&M newest collection (my very-very favorite brand lately)and I found it so useful to search for perfect sets without spending fortune on spontaneously bought garments while walking around the shops and trying on thousands of clothes (ok, trying on part I actually enjoy and will continue, esp. i can find awesome stuff on sales! ;)).

To summarize I had such a great fun that from now on i am going to use this tool more often. 

Hope you will find it inspiring :)

My first time playing with Polyvore
H&M SS collection 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Wednesday, Wednesday... In the middle of the week it is so hard to stay focused... Weekend still far away... And as 53R102K4 is away I feel so lonely... Usually I barely have time for him, but once he is away I wish to spend at least a minute with him and do what we love the most- totally nothing!!!

What to do if I feel blue? Work, work, work... 

So firstly I worked out really hard today (I have done some kickboxing- totally recomending if you wish to burn lots of calories!). Secondly I worked on my project whole evening. Thirdly i worked on my text for writing competition.

As always when working I need to make some breaks to refresh my mind, so I could not over come a little tiny temptation to visit couple of fashion websites and guess what: queen of printed fabrics Mary Katrantzou is going to release collection for Adidas!  am still thrilled after yday discovered news of Alexander Wang collaborating with H&M and today I got so nicely surprised once more! I believe it may be the best sport collection of the season!

As posting was also kind of a break I have to get back to work. 

Have a nice and sunny day!


Tuesday, 15 April 2014


 There is nothing better than sharing great news!

Check out StreetsOfBrno website to find out what am I proud of ^^

Thursday, 10 April 2014


I feel so very- very- very embarrassed, that up till now I didn't find time to post pics from trip to Prague. 

How was Prague? As you can imagine- it was just AWESOME! I love the capital city of Czech Republic!!! I have visited it couple of times before and I have very great sentiment for it. From the first time, when I visited it with my sis, through high school trips with my friends to last year's visit right before HIP HOP KEMP festival- each and every visit was unforgettable and this time was no different!

We arrived to the city in the evening as we had to work that day. We flounder through the streets a bit and reached hostel (HERE you can find nice, clean rooms) to get ready for night out. The concert was great, than the party afterwards was even better and 'cos of that next day sightseeing was honestly not rather difficult... We nailed it though, ticked most of the MUST-SEEs. 

Here you have a couple of the best shoots from our voyage in each and every important spot. Mine MUST SEEs? During the night it will be SaSaZu and Roxy, during the day: Goya's Museum, Golden Street, Hradcany and lots of street art placed all around the city. 

Now I am just awaiting tomorrow and Electronic Beats Festival in Bratislava. If you fancy, join us there- all details on the website HERE.  

Below you have Boiler Room- Disclosure and Skream, London.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I have a lot of issues with time as time is possessed my life

When I lived in Indonesia I heard a lot a sentence that ' time is all the time'. For my Indonesian friends there was no such possibility like not doing something on time, in time etc. They always had time to do everything and whatever we could not manage to do we always could do tomorrow... How I miss that TIMES...

Now, Mr Einstein and his special relativity possessed my life! I am like crazy doing one thousand things at the time (which is not always good with the result) So I cook and write, clean and watch the movie, etc. Time stuck at work and flows with the speed light while I am involved into my activities And each and every day I run out of time, 'cos: I want to make pics, I wanna post and write and meet with friends and exercise, I wish also to eat, sleep and if not having time for a spa to at least make my nails each week. 

Now again I am running out of time as 53R102K4 is already complains I just do my stuff instead of just lying  with him.

Have a nice Wed :)

jacket VINTAGE/top TOPSHOP/pants H&M/shoes ATMOSPHERE

Monday, 7 April 2014


Have you ever heard the quote ' Lady is fickle like a feather in the wind'? I always thought it is a bit negative, but today I changed my mind. It is not a curse, but a blessing, to be able quickly to change your mood from the deepest sadness to joyful happiness?'

Saturday, 5 April 2014


I don't know how about you, but I am huge fan of vintage and charity shops. 

I remember my first vintage shop... Well it was actually not vintage shop, but a huge warehouse with pales of clothes (literally PALES OF CLOTHES). It was massive! I remember till today this helpless hours of digging through old, used, spoiled clothes... OMG, it was so tiring! But each effort has a prize and in that case a prize was navy shirt. Simple and plain really matched my punk style at that time. What was the best, it was so universal I could use it also for exams, galas and always looks awesome... 

This universal piece I was wearing later on for years and it taught me two important things. Firstly I understood the idea of classic pieces, which can be mixed and matched with up to date trends. Secondly I understood that either vintage, second-hand or even outlet stores can be cheap answer for finding such essentials often in very good quality as there is bunch of designers clothes usually and, what is the best, for amazingly low price. 

 Today I wanted to show you one of such garments: trench- jacket- variation from Marks and Spencer. I found this piece in charity shop during my December's visit in UK and bought it for only 0.99 p. It wasn't a season at that time for such outwear, so it waited 4 months to be worn. Now, when weather become a bit better I just can't get enough of it. Highlighting my hips, waist and shoulders makes me look feminine and classy. Love it! ^^ 

jacket MARKS&SPENCER/pants H&M/top H&M/stilletos BERSHKA/bag VINTAGE

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