Monday, 30 June 2014


Summer eventually come to Brno. I love summer, cos it brings nice weather and nice weather allows me to spend time outside my house, without worrying about mundane things like cold. One of my favorite entertainments, while sitting in the nature, is reading and there is nothing better than reading a piece of well-written column.

Here are reasons why I like columns:

1. It is easy to read.
2. It inspires me.
4. It helps me to improve my English. (my main focus at the moment!)

This weekend I read a great piece by Suzy Menkes and I wish to recommend it to you. It is about female members of royal families. Trust me, you won't regret checking it HERE. ;)

Have a great Monday!

Thursday, 26 June 2014


When I woke up yday I had very little time to put some clothes on and run to work.... I am this kind of person who usually comes to work in a very last moment, esp when I have to be in teh office early. Same happened yesterday, so i have done what I usually do- put on myself whatever I felt comfy in. 

After work I went for a walk with a friend of mine and as we are a shop-o-holics we obviously pop in to some shops in the city center. And than the worst thing happen... I have seen a mannequin on the shop window in exactly the same clothes I was wearing- gray dress, denim vest and trainers... 

As the shop was RESERVED, which stylistic is very close to me and I like a lot I do not feel very-very-very bad about that- it's not like I would go to the wedding and see there a girl in exactly identical dress as mine- but it brought two thoughts to my mind:
1. is it good or bad to look like a chain-store mannequin? (will come back to it ;) )
2. isn't it timeless or just so-so casual that nearly boring if i was wearing clothes from second hand shops (apart from beloved VANS) and it is so alike current season garments... hmmm...

I think this look is casual but really cool- and so comfy!

Have a good day!

dress and vest VINTAGE/shoes VANS/rings H&M

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


There is no other garment that brings to my mind school than white shirt. I remember when I was a little girl, before 1st Sept (official School Year Opening in my country), my mum washed and than ironed white shirt for me and my sis so we would look nice and neat on this very important day. School opening was a actually like a holiday, with a gala organized, when we were gathering, students and teachers, singing hymn of my country and discussing important things in School life for upcoming year.

I liked school. I liked the idea of meeting friends and exchanging lunch with my friends on the so-called long-break. I liked literature lessons and all the additional activities, which made me win bronze medal in long distance running and first place in singing competition.. Even though I hated exams I still liked it.

Now I am grateful I had a choice to learn and I still continue to do so. Especially that without learning how to write I would not be able to join our wonderful blogging society.


shirt H&M/shorts H&M/bag VINTAGE/shoes BATA

Monday, 23 June 2014


Brief fashion news introduction:

Is it street art or fashion when the biggest fashion designer clothe one of Italian buildings? Well it's hard to tell... Nowadays everyone is multitasking, everything is interdisciplinary and we experience eclecticism everywhere. What is the result?  Emilio Pucci made a surprise and presented wonderful street art piece on the streets of Florence. Huge instalation had appeared on the building of the Baptistery of St John in Florence's Piazza San Giovanni.

How do you like street art/fashion mix?

In addition my lazy Sunday look- ripped jeans and numbered sweat.

Have a good day!

 topPRIMARK/pants H&M/belt H&M/sunnies PRIMARK/shoes PRIMARK

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Do you dream? I dream every single day... I am so called day dreamer. 

One of my dreams is to have fashion related job. I wish to be a stylist, or a journalist, or simply just a helper on fashion shows or photo shoots. As reality didn't give me lately any opportunity to participate in fashion events I decided to create one myself. Why? Basically I believe that I need to gain experience, which can be my business card to fashion industry and if noone gives me any opportunity to get it, I need to make make this opportunities myself!

The idea pop up to my head during one of lazy Saturday afternoons, so I gave a call to a friend of mine and asked: 'D4R14, how about making a photo shoot?'. I knew whom to call as in response I heard: 'I am in. Mine or your place?'.

What we have done is not necessarily the best ever and now, when viewing the pics, I can see that many things should be done differently (for sure in a better way), but as for first time, I think it is not bad. 

What I have learned for the next time?1. When making a photo shoot, you have to have a LEADING TOPIC. Sounds obvious? Well, it wasn't so obvious for us and final effect of our work do not create THE WHOLE... Sorry for that, will improve next time. ;)
2. When making a picture THE MOST IMPORTANT IS TO CONCENTRATE ON CLOTHES, COS CLOTHES ARE WHAT WE ARE PICTURING! We made many beautiful pics showing: trees, flowers, cars and so on, but we did not put enough pressure on our stylizations. Next time we need to focus on what we want to picture, not to make pictures of everything apart of our main focus.

Now richer with new experience I am hoping t make another photo shoot soon with grater result!

HERE you can check D4r14's blog.


dress, jacket, bag VINTAGE

dress NEW LOOK/hat NEXT

top ATMOSPHERE/shorts H&M/wedges ZARA/sunnies NEW YORKER/hat NEXT


Monday, 16 June 2014


Office dress code.... Owh, I believe there could be PhD thesis created regarding office dress code requirements. 

Basic rules: no open shoulders or back, no shorts, no mini, no flip-flops... Sounds strict? Nothing more misleading- the overall requirements of business casual has so wide meaning, that each judge would have his own thoughts and reflections in it's regards. 

What is business casual? Well basically it is everything and nothing. As I heard on the welcome day in my company, HR representative said: 'Well, we (as a company) leave it for our own employees to judge is suitable for the office. Just remember to be reasonable.' Can anybody say something more confusing? 

And so a colleague of mine consider ripped jeans as suitable ('C'mon, I wear it with white shirt!'-she says) and my other colleague wears skirts so short that sometimes I am afraid she just really forgot to put them on in the morning-fiver before going out. None of them was ever told a word about it. 'If both of them looks reasonable and nice, there is no need'- one of my supervisors said. 

Prompted by my co-workers behaviour I forgot about any business casual rules up till last week, when one of my male colleagues came to work in shorts... Yeah, male in shorts... that is when hell begun. To show you a picture- shorts where not hot pants, regular short pants worn by most of guys, reasonably ended around the knee, matched with nice shoes and polo tee. Crucial for this story is also fact that outside was 36 degrees, so lets face it, it was boiling hot that day, yet everybody were thrilled by a picture of gentleman in shorts. Shocking? Well for me not so shocking as fact that no one noticed or commented girl in a dress with open back sitting next to him.... 

As I hate any prejudice, hereby I wish to show my full support for the movement fighting with dress-code-related-gender-discrimination. I wish that in all offices there will be new rule followed stated by Jenna Lyonds from J Crew: "If your teeth are clean and you have a good handshake and you're groomed, I don't care what you wear. Go for it. Whatever works for you." 

And here is my look- Of course in the office I stay in the jacket ;)

dress LIPSY/jacket VINTAGE/sandals PRIMARK

Thursday, 12 June 2014


It seems that all celebrities are collaborating with fashion brands lately and to be totally honest they do. This is a factor describing the success and popularity level if one is asked to create a collection for a chain shop. It does not matter if you are a singer, model or professional designer in charge of the most sophisticated fashion house- the mass will measure your success by copying your style and than hopefully one of the most popular brands will ask you to join them in production process. 

The leader in this collaboration- trend is H&M The idea of bringing high fashion to masses was innovative, catchy and profitable for both H&M and it's partners. H&M gained huge sales from the projects, and the high-end designers were able to reach a wider consumer base than they had previously been able to. H&M teamed with both celebrities and professional fashion designers naming from Marni to David Beckham and even surprisingly bubble dog creator and extravagant artist Koons.

Koons- H&M collaboration is one of these which is making me incredibly curious this month- what can we expect? Artist is going to redecorate 57,000-square-foot flagship store on Fifth Avenue and 48th Street in New York City into an mini art exhibit titled “Fashion Loves Art”. On June 17th the store interior is going to change into an gallery filled with Koons's art. Souvenir gift will be a bouble-dog bag. (For those who want more art this event is to be followed with an art exhibition in  Whitney Museum of Art on 27th of June.) 

Another exciting collaboration was announced by DKNY this week. "Get Ready!!! It's Coming... #Cara4DKNY" was announced by Cara Delevingne. A young, revolting model with fresh style, fast become a style icon and lately cooperated with Mullbery. Now she is going to create a 15 pieces for DKNY, which will arrive to shops in October. It will include Cara's essentials- beanies, tees and leather jackets. The great news for us, customers, is that we have a chance to join Cara in work over campaign for this collection. As she wrote on her Instagram "post a pic of yourself looking fresh to your Instagram and tag #CaraD4DKNY and #CaraWantsYou between now and 16 June". How such opportunity can be missed?

After this two news the only better would be to find out that I can be a fashion designer and... that is what is actually happening! Fendi fashion house do not want any famous celebrities to be designers of its accessorize, the fashion house wants us. How do they make us involved? By myBaguette app created by Fendi so we could make our very own Baguette- the most classical bag of their. With a use of selection of brushes, shapes, filters and colors as well as possibility to upload our own pics we can now take a part in designing process. Like this would not be enough the designs can be uploaded to social media and each month Silvia will pick her favorite one.

Can't wait what more will be offered next week!



I love to party and I enjoy every single moment of styling myself up for night out. Usually I don't have much time to prepare and I would even highlight the fact that the less time I have the better outcome is... Irony, isn't it?

This is hat inspired look of mine for a party. Faux leather shorts and crooked top from H&M are my favorite as it always makes me feel beautiful. Denim jacket to keep me warm in case of chilli weather during the night and wedged sandals to keep me comfy. (you know I always like to feel comfy!)

To finish it up- my beloved Asos Felt Hat.

jacket DKNY/top H&M/shorts H&M/sandals ZARA/bag TOPSHOP/hat ASOS

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Events out are one of main occasions where hat can be worn. Have you ever heard of Ascot Races and hats? Since I was a girl I always was waiting for report from the races to see pictures of beautiful ladies in amazing, visionary hats.I always imagined that a perfect lady always wear a hat for an event out.

I do not attend Ascot event and lazy Saturday afternoon barbeque or summer festival is much closer to my routine, that is why I want to offer look for such occasion. 

It is simple and comfy look as events out often involves a lot of standing-activities. The jacket is to keep me warm in case of wind or sudden change in weather, shorts to make me feel comfy in case of sitting on the grass and ugly shoes so I would not get tired.

(Excited I am waiting for Pohoda now)

jacket NEW LOOK/shorts TOPSHOP/top ATMOSPHERE/uglyshoes ANNAGEMMAGIE/hat ASOS/glasses H&M

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


As I wrote before I am very into HATS. Here I wish to present my latest trophy: black felt hat from ASOS. 

Today's I want to share my idea of \How to wear a felt hat during afternoon with a friend'. First and only advise when it comes to hats is to keep it casual. 

That was a funny afternoon which I spend with a friend of mine and firstly we have been wondering around to make some pics and than we went to our favorite place in Brno, Svanda*

I told my friend about hat-thingi, so she did her best to make awesome pics. To style it up I included the most beloved basics of mine: white tee and jeans (which due to its a bit bell-bottoms design are so perfect for summer looks) as well as my new favorite lately: UGLY SHOES.  

I want to highlight reference to Snufkin style- a character from a childhood tale, who kept traveling here and there I always dreamed to be. 

*If you haven't been in Svanda and you accidentally are in Brno now is the best time to visit it! They have the best apple juice in the city, host art exhibitions as well as put great music on nearly entire time. And the Outside tables are now ON! Hell, yeah!

tee GAP/trousers DIESEL/parka DENIMCO/hat ASOS/bag VINTAGE/shoes ANNAGEMMAGIE/bracelet H&M

Monday, 9 June 2014

#MustHaveAlert: HATS!

Did I write already how much I am in love with hats? Everything begun with D4R14's hat the other day. I put it on and I just didn't want to take it off... That is how I started my hat-hunting. 

Firstly I found my straw hat and I fell insanely in love with it. It has got all the qualities of perfect accessory for summer. But I could not get satisfied with it... This is how TOTALLY BY ACCIDENT I found my second hat. It is: felt (so have awesome Snufkin style) and black (in my very fav colour!). As you can imagine I totally fell in love with this one as well and I cannot take it off my head. If you also fancy hats this one you can find HERE.

Stay tuned as soon I will write more and more on how to wear THE HAT and I prepared couple of stylizations to inspire you to wear hats with both day and evening looks!

Friday, 6 June 2014


I am so glad it is Friday and even more I am happy that the weather is great!!! 

Recently I was a bit unlucky, 'cos nearly every time I had off from The-OFFICE it was rainy and unpleasant. Today though the weather is great, sun is shining and there is no single cloud on the sky, so I wish to have weekend out. 

Today we are going with couple of friends to the park, later on probably for a drink some place in Brno.... I know it is going to be great, 'cos I have got good mood and I am going to pull everybody into a party-animal-mode hahahahha :)

Tomorrow I am already excited about barbecue i am going to tomorrow as well. Do you also enjoy it? I think one of the best things during summer is that you can organize a party with food outside. It can be either tables outside of a restaurant or small party with friends in the garden, but all the surrounding: flowers, sun and green trees are improving my mood straight away. 

On Sunday I also wanna go out to play volleyball or badminton (my friend call it beer-minton as it contains mostly sitting-drinking activity not correlated with any game actually... )

How about your plans for a weekend???

Have a wonderful time what ever you planned! 

Look for hot weather in the office: breezy pants from H&M/tanktop H&M/denim jacket VINTAGE

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


The thing I enjoy after being away is updating infos i missed while having fun. I make myself a cup of coffee, turn on my laptop and check all the news I can find via my favorite portals. This time was no difference. I turned laptop on, put some websites for loading and started to scroll down while opening the best entries.

And than I have seen this. The title is: The Big College Debate: Is Kim Kardashian A Fashion Inspiration? and the only thing I want to say is: REALLY?!!! Are you sure, my beloved  Condé Nast's, that you are not joking? Isn't it obvious that everybody can be inspiration? Do we have to discuss it? Did we run out of subjects?

Kim Kardashian is very controversial media personality. It came from the sex tape and is going on with Kanye West as her husband. There was always a lot of cameras around to document her, him, her family and other people around them including my beloved Beyonce. It is couple of years all this is going on, but something changed recently after Vogue US published pictures of Kim, Kanye and their kid. And out of the sudden all the world stopped and everybody looked at Kim.

If you wish to check out very inspiring photo shoot by Lagerfeld made to Kim click HERE.This is a piece of ART I believe and it does not leave a daubt that yest Kim can be a fashion inspiration.

trousers NEW LOOK/top NEW LOOK/cardigna M&S/flipflops ANNAGEMMAGIE/hat SECOND HAND

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