Thursday, 27 February 2014

Follow the white rabbit...

I wish to share with you today my positive vibes as I can feel today that everything what I am doing has a sense. Like some super-power would give me a sign that I am directed into good point and I should follow my white rabbit to fulfill my dreams.

Thursday is a regular working day for me, so I went to MY-OFFICE and performed my regular duties. A colleague of mine came back from holidays, so we had a lot of laugh listening to holiday stories and we were talking about donut day (Polish holiday when everybody are eating a lot of donuts). Somewhere between this task and another while chatting with a friend of mine I was unexpectedly prized me with such a wonderful complements about my blog, that I kept blushing whole afternoon. 

When I finished my work I decided to have a walk through the city center and again unexpectedly I was prized with one of the best complements a blogger may hear- I was asked to pose for a pic which is going to be used for Brno's street style compilation. It made me so surprised that I was speechless. I managed just to say that I am fathered and nothing more.... Hahahah... 

I wanna also thank you guys as well for stopping by I really appreciate it!

skirt BERSHKA/top TALLY WEIL/boots JEFFREY CAMPBELL/sunglasses NEW YORKER/plastic watch CASIO

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Many foxes grow gray but few grow good.

Already Wednesday... I have a friend who is always saying that Wednesday is like a little Friday as it is already half of the week gone. I like this saying...

As for myself though, I wish it would be still Tuesday, 'cos I have so much stuff to do and so little time. Today I came back home straight after work to fulfill my establishment of making my dreams come true. 

For now my main goal is to have a plan, so I have to build from scratch whole business plan, I need to ask myself a lot of questions and I have to also find answers. (I don't know which is more difficult...)

As I have never done anything like this before I was thinking of joining some seminars to learn how to built my own enterprise. I know that I don't know anything. I downloaded couple samples of such plans and I believe that I will be at least able to sketch an idea, than when I will have basic points set up, it will be easier to aim them.

Fingers crossed :)

jacket H&M/dress BERSHKA/boots JEFFREY CAMPBEL/sunglasses NEW YORKER/necklace ZARA/bracelets VINTAGE & NEW YORKER

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Topshop Unique AW 2014/2015

Topshop is a high street brand, which couple of years ago entranced into the catwalk with it's Topshop Unique. From that very moment the creative achivements of it are improving and season after season we are witnessing how the brand is getting strengten. 

The idea is quite simple- mixing the high street fashion with sophisticated fabrics can create what a present youth may want- unique and fully wearable line which is aiming to be the top brand of it's class: Topshop Unique.

Autumn/Winter collection was perfect in every detail. Firstly during winter a lot of women is deciding to choose comfort. The line presented garments from flexible fabrics, natural, so comfortable. Mixed with big oversized jackets and socks sets are asking to warm us up during the cold season. We can find all winter wardrobe attributes in beautiful shades of blue and mustard. 

Overall this is great collection and I am first in the queue to buy it.

Every lover is a soldier

Tuesday, Tuesday...  

As I wrote before I have just finished working on some project at work. It involved a lot of my spare time as well as phisical and mental energy, but it is over now and I am more than happy that it finished.

Firstly cos of obvious I-Feel-Exhausted-When-I-Have-To-Work-So-Much reason. My body needs some regeneration and working 13 hours per day definitely do not brings anything good. But now couple of days after, I feel already a bit bored with walking around and relaxing time while watching movies. I am a man of action, so I need to act, work, improve and aim towards chosen goal.

Secondly MY-Office is cool and I enjoy in there, but lately (for few months actually...) I was having couple of interesting ideas in my head and with upcoming spring I feel a lot of power to make my ideas come true.

Today an acting business woman- ME, hope you like it!

jacket ASOS/top CALLIOPE/necklace ZARA/pants H&M/heels MILA PAOLI/sunglasses NEW YORKER

Sunday, 23 February 2014

'I want to die with my blue jeans on'

Finding a pair of perfect jeans is always a challenge. 

Buying perfect shorts brings challenges: it cannot end too low or too high, it have to be perfect in waist and in hips, it have to have perfect color, perfect size of pockets, perfect buttons... owh, my head is going to explode now, so much criteria to be meet and so little pairs that will fit MY ass. And lets face it, how the back part of the body is pivotal for the final effect.

But recently, out of the sudden I found a pair. I didn't look for them, so maybe even I can say it found me, hahaha... As usually it was buried in the pale of clothes in second hand shop, hidden silently and just waiting for me. It is perfect pair and I am so happy I found them that when I have seen sunny weather today I had to wear them.

How do you like it?

sweater ZARA/shorts NL JEANS/trainers VANS/scarf CUBUS/bag MISS SELFRIDGE

Friday, 21 February 2014

White dress

Friday, Friday, Friday!!! Yuppi!!! I am always so happy on Friday :)

Today after long week of hard work I deserve some rest! Here you have a look of mine and I am going to enjoy pizza with 53R102K4 and watch hockey. 

Have a happy Friday!


HomeMade Beauty SPA

Today I felt like on Saturday.

For a past couple of days I was very busy in THE-OFFICE as we have been working on the big project. Now when it is over and I got back my spare time I finished quite early and I had opportunity to wander around. When I felt already like coming back home I got a message from 53R102K4 that he wont come back home early and I could concentrate just on myself- make for myself a Home-Made-Spa :)

I am a huge fan of home made cosmetics. I believe it helps me to keep my skin soft and fresh as it contains fully natural ingredients.

I start with a warm bath, but not too long one. After couple of minutes in warm water I make a peeling from sugar/salt mixed with olive oil. Sugar as it is bigger is good for more hard skin, salt on the other hand is small and deals perfectly with face. It makes skin cleared and soft.
I use a poridge mask for my face. It helps to keep oily skin embraced.

Before having a bath I wash my hair and while in a warm bath I keep on my hear treatment wax. It is great for fussy, puffy hair like mine when used once a week.

For tired eyes perfect is compress from black tea. It helps to get rid of dark shadows.
After clearing my skin it gets perfectly moistured by cucumber compress.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Chapter of trouser's second life

Is it still winter or is already spring coming?

Last couple of days was so warm, that I decided to wear cut out trousers. This is actually good idea for a pants you are already a bit bored with. Mine, shiny disco pants from River Island, was lying in a wardrobe for a couple of months up till last week when I was doing some clean ups. 

I have seen a lot of stylisations with cut out jeans and it made me inspired. I thought, I do not wear them anyway, so if it's an epic fail I will just never wear them again. Out of the sudden old pants become my favorites. I love that even cut out still are having all the attributes of skinnies. I like the idea of whole knees out when sitting down.

Hope you enjoy that idea and maybe some of your pants will also have a second life!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

NYFW Michael Kors

 Michael Kors is known for creating the image of luxury woman from NYC. Autumn winter collection is still following this trend, but with a touch of modern spirit. 

This time much heavier and much more rough outfits were come after one another. The coats are oversized, the jumpers are thick and there is element of jersey joggers pants. Adaptation of what is so often in street style is shown still with the same sophisticated manner. Big fur coats mixed with jeans and fulfilled with fresh and young makeup and hairstyle as well as interweaves with perfect accessorize. Fringed bags gives a bit of softness and and thick-soled shoes reassures while the weather during the winter is not always kind.

Overall I am amused and I am going to use some of ideas as inspirations for my own styizations.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

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