Tuesday, 30 September 2014


This collection is somewhere in between tropical forest and city jungle.

At the begining colours in the collection are brighter, but further it goes more blacks and darkness are introduced. All garments- regardless colours- are etheral and light. There are lots of silk, tulle, chiffon... Patterns are rich and colorful, not heavy thugh. Mostly we can see printed batik and stripes, last one not only stamped on fabric, but also made from it by compiling layers of uneven hem.

Natural scenography and tweeting birds instead of music are creating a background for very modern and fresh looks. It is young and bit bohemian collection, including slouchy trousers, bomber jackets, oversized blazers, boxy shorts and a series of dresses- from ones wind-alike to simple in design but rich in pattern t-shirt/dresses. All seems easy and so it is, but in a chic, classy way.

This luxurious ecologists, living in peace with nature, but also manuovering succesfully in the city jungle. Happy, joyful, summery and so Dries Van Noten.
pics vogue.co.uk

Monday, 29 September 2014


So it is Monday and I made it out of bed! YEY!!! I want to say that I am happy I achieved so, but I am SO VERY NOT. I would be happy in my bed sleeping, but reality of an adult life is cruel!

Adulthood is one of the things I ponder on recently, 'cos it step into my life one day and took me totally by surprise. I do not find myself as an adult actually, but who am I to decide on it? ' cos adulthood is unmeasurable. it is impossible to asses it- Is it something visible? Is it some patterns of behaviors? Or maybe it is just connected to material status? Which ever criteria we will choose we may fail.

I remember when I was 10, I thought anybody over 20 is already AN ADULT. I do not know what I meant by this... It was some mixture of properly set up goals for the future and some material equipment (house, car and other bla, bla bla).

Now, here I am, over age of 20 something, feeling the same spirit as I did before: full of freshness, hope and excitement. Is an adulthood just Holly Grail than? Regardless of adulthood existence I think we need to do ours bits, so joyful and brisk mood is what I wish you on tough Monday morning.
Hope you will have easy-breezy week,

faux fur ZARA/top ATMOSPHERE/pants H&M/heels PIECES/bag LINDEX/hat ASOS

Friday, 26 September 2014


There is no more fog alike fabrics, than ones used by Allesandro dell Aqua in collection for Rochas. 
Tulle, lace, satin.... Models are glided on the runway spread the romantic atmosphere around them. Not to be bored bits of sport stylistics sneaks here and there alternatively with some heavy accessories. So here we have a capital R letter on the front of tops or lined on ankle socks or heavy leather belt girding a model. But with all this fru how rough the most heavy belt can be? Strong enough to balance sensitivity, but not too strong, not to ruin the beauty of overall stylistic.

Welcome new Jane Austin and enjoy pics from the show.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Do you remember this dress? I wrote about it couple of days ago (HERE) and I decided to buy it on SALES.

Sales... difficult time in a year for me... this season I decided to buy this dress and bunch of other things like:
6 pairs of shoes,
5 pairs of trousers,
countless tees,
2... no 3 handbags and purses
one amazing jumpsuit (HERE)

Do you need any advice on how to spend fortune on useless items? If so, contact me. It looks like it became my favorite activity! I AM A HOPELESS PRODUCT OF CONSUMERS SOCIETY.

Why? Lets list what mistakes I made when shopping on SALES this yeare...

When shoppong I have caught myself on buying things that I already have. I enjoyed buying things I wont wear more than 3-4 times, I was getting excited when I have seen low prices and thinklessly buyin, buyin, buying...

As I love making improvement plans, so I planned how to get myself out from that vicious circle. The plan states that I have to use what I already have in my wardrobe and stop buying! This plan is to help me save (yes, I really spend so much on clothes!), improving my creativity (using same items in various combinations may be actually more fun than buying-throwing away process that I enjoy now), managing to keep nice and neat my wardrobe (if i will buy less, I will have less so hopefully i will be able to embrace it...), learning me a bit more discipline!

But of course I had to make an exception in my plan. i can buy things that I really need and literally can't live without. Eg. these perfect boots (THIS ONES), some awesome coat (didn't find it yet) and some more things I will really, really need... (Did my plan already fail??? OMG, I am so weak!)

Okey, lets make a new plan. From now on to buy I am going to 'recycle' my money. I am not allow to buy unless I will earn money on it on ebay and vinted or any other website by selling what I already have! That sounds like a doable plan!

Cross your fingers for me, as really though winter is going to come!



Here I have bits of snapshots from Milan streets to share with you and hopefully make you inspired. 

When watching it I think of one awesome fact: comfy trainers established it's position in fashion environment for good and wont go away so easily. Maybe it happened 'cos of January's Haute Cauture shows, which  used trainers for the first time matching it with the most sophisticated dresses (you can read about it HERE and HERE) or maybe cos we are willing to show our feet as much respect as we can. Let's face it, these two friends of ours have to carry our body every day whole day... we have to make them happy so they will make us happy.

Enjoy the pictures!
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