Friday, 23 May 2014


I love summer! I love the weather, which allows me to wear all my adorable sandals without making my toes freeze! I love the nature, the smell of lilac and taste of fruits! I love also the weekends away, on the country side or on festivals I charge my batteries to survive during the weekdays in my OFFICE!

Trips during the summer are actually one of the greatest things ever. Choosing places to go and whole planning process is a lot of fun. Part of planning and going away process is also packing my weekend bag. I like to be always prepared and always happy with what I have taken, with underlining AVOIDING things I-am-not-going-to-use-but-take-it-anyway syndrome. To keep my mind focused I try follow 5 simple rules in 5 simple steps to make packaging simple, help me look gorgeous and make me as comfy as possible:

1. It has to be LIGHT. Heavy luggage for weekend away? I don't think so. Why? Well, let's think smart: usually I book hostel over a night, but in not many places I can leave the luggage during the day an unfortunately my boy do not often join me for my trips away from the city, I need to drag luggage myself, even if just from the station/airport. Can imagine how does it would feel, if I'd have 15 kg of clothes by yourself while sightseeing the city or enjoying the music on the concert.... No fun at all...

2. So after focusing on it to be light we need to think just and only of CRUCIAL ITEMS: there has to be something for a night out and something for a day out.

3. We already have chosen something, so now, lets match it with something which will keep me WARM weather and something to feel COOL. it's good to check forecast, but it good also to be prepared as life is full of surprises.

4. So now how to mix and match advise: ideally in my summer sets of basics everything matches to everything. This rule I try to apply to my wardrobe always and literally always, but let's face it, we do not live in an ideal world, where everything matches to everything :/. To make life easier lets just make most of things to match to the other most of things.

5. The last thing, but very-very important is to ask yourself a question: Will my body enjoy all day/night in it? I love if everything is comfy, 'cos fashion is important, but the most important to feel good and no one ever felt good while 30 degrees in too tight heels, which makes your feet cry. The best thing for weekend away are comfy shoes and clothes that makes body breath.

When thinking of these rules I do not spend long time on packaging, so I can be ready in just couple of moments.

Here you can see the set with my ideal summer wardrobe. As I revised my wardrobe before summer i found out that most of this garments such as skinnies, jackets, trainers and so on I already have, so I am not going to spend a fortune on creating my perfect set. I am planning to buy just some stuff to style it up (crucial extremely long black dress!). For each and every trip I am planning to take just a few of these, so I look each time bit different, but as all of these match each other it kind create perfect world where everything match to each other.  Hope I will make you inspire you to revise what you have to create your perfect sets without loosing the fortune :D

Summer Basics
1. denim jacket 2. knitwear to keep warm 3. trench to avoid wind 4.tunnel earring to style it up 5. comfy flip flops 6. comfy flats with platform ZARA 7. heels to be gorgeous at night 8. trainers 9., 10. watches to style it up and be on time for your train 11. long dress to feel breezy during the day and glamorous during the night H&M 12 sunglasses 13. hat 14. tank top 15. other top 16. tee 18. chain necklace 17. gold chain belt 18.oversized pants H&M 19. skinnies 20. leather shorts 21 denim shorts 22. leather bag 23. comfy backpack


  1. Nice list, great basics! xx

  2. Great selection!!!!
    Have a great end of the week darling!!!

  3. So great things!


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