Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Today I want to share the oversized trend inspirated look.

What do I like about oversized looks? It makes the body look fragile and miniscule. It always keeps elements of simplicity combined with a bit rough design. It leaves a lot of place for comfort and stays convenient.

How do I wear it? There are couple of rules I try to follow. Firstly I keep focus on proportion. Fashion is to make us look beautiful not to show all possible disadvantages of our bodies, so I try to avoid bag-of-potatoes effect. The next thing is that I like to underline the lightness of oversized clothes as usually they are very simple in design, with bits of rough character. These pants I found couple of weeks ago in H&M and I fell in love with them 'cos of silky fabric, very soft and ethereal (find them here). Top is from ZARA and I love the cut outs in it, which are underlining the fragile parts of woman's torso. As accessorize I choose simple white trainers. It is raising the silhuette thanks to wedge and gives an effect of lengthening legs.

How do you like the effect? 

The master in wearing oversized trend is one of my favorite bloggers India Rose, who know exactly how to style oversized pants, tees, shirts to look simple, modern and lets say it ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! you can check her blog here.

pants H&M/top ZARA/trainers TOPSHOP/bag QUAZI


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