Monday, 26 May 2014


Perfect look has good accessorize and there is no better summer accessorize than a perfect straw hat!

I am in love with hats.... Nearly as MadHatter, hahah... When I see girl in a hat I think she combains just positive qualities, because she:
looks amazing, seems to be a bit misterious and is so-so sophisticated! God, how much I wanted to join this society of Hat-Wearers!

Joining any society is not as easy as we would think though. What looks nice on others not always should be worn by myself and I try not to follow trends blindely, so it took a while before I found a hat in which I feel good and which makes me look good. It took as much time as walking through all main stream shops and a bit more, to walk around second hand shops as well. i found it eventually and I think it suits me perfectly!

How do you like it?

top ORSAY/skirt NEW YORKER/ jacket DKNY/shoes VANS/hat VINTAGE SHOP


  1. I agree with you, not all the looks fit everybody in the same way. I love some outfits that I see in other girl but I know that the same outfit on me could be a completely disaster.
    You look so well with that hat. I have to wait for a while until wear sun hats. Now is cod and rain in my city.

  2. Love your hat, it looks good on you! xx

  3. You look great!

  4. Me encantan los sombreros, luces muy bien.
    Saludos desde Costa Rica

  5. Cool look, I love your hat!!!
    Have a nice day doll!!!

  6. Cute hat and the outfit looks nice with the denim jacket around your waist !

  7. cute look. xo

  8. Oh, I like it really! Everything you wear fits you - not only the hat and such a cool idea to wear the shirt in that way. But I agree to your thoughts, it's not always the best idea to copy a look :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. Nice Blog you have here! perhaps we could follow each other? Follow me and I'll follow you back for sure :)



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