Monday, 16 March 2015


I think it is a first time in my life when I have watched Fendi collection with such enthusiasm. I always thought ' This is how I'm going to dress when I grow up...' I think that I have grown up, 'cos these outfits stole my heart. 

I smiled widely seeing parade of quilted jackets, coats, skirts and dresses. Is it just me, or do you also find it useful and practical? I totally fell in love with 'Teddy-Bear-Fabric' and oversized coats that are made from it. I kept my breath away seeing fur coats, jackets and dresses- I know that using fur is politically incorrect, but the design of it is both UNFORGETTABLE AND BEAUTIFUL! A cherry at the top of this fashion feast are accessories that beautifully fulfill sophisticated outfits.

This collection is an example of how creators should play with fashion. My favorite look is one with simple sweat and skirt. Which one do you like the most?


Photo by Indigital


  1. Amazing looks..very inspiring!

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  2. Beautiful!!

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