Tuesday, 23 December 2014


My dear readers, I want to wish you all the best for Xmas!!!

I have for you one Xmas song, it is kinda cliche, but this song is dear to my heart as it has accompany me since childhood. There is one reason to choose this song. Unfortunately this Holidays I spend alone, as 53R102K4 is now in Ireland, and I want to sing for him that all I want for Xmas is him... hahaha...

Even though I am alone, I am not lonely and Xmas spirit is strong in me. I am having quite a few Xmas meetings scheduled and with a bit of thrill I am awaiting them. As there is many events planned, there is obviously a dilemma what to wear... I have done a bit of web browsing and wanted to share with you a bit of inspiration from All Saints fashion house (one of my very favourite lately) with outfits perfectly suiting for Xmas gatherings. Looks are chic and classy, but not boring at all!!! This is how I want to style myself up!

More Inspiration from All Saints you can find HERE and HERE.

Happy Xmas!

If you feel, that in any way I violated copyrights, please let me know. I will either remove the picture or list it's author on my blog.


  1. i love this jacket... i love wear once


  2. Nice Jacket.. Great Outfit..



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