Thursday, 11 September 2014


It's the middle of the week, but in my mind already weekend time... I have got couple of reasons to feel so and one of weekend begging is just at the top of the list. 

Firstly I just can't wait till party on Friday evening. I have got a meeting with my girl-friends, which is obviously great. Than together we are going for a music gig in one of Brno's clubs, FLEDA, If you are around and want to check it out you have got link HERE. One of artists performing is actually one of colleagues from my work, so I am quite curious what he is going to show there. The Soundcloud track above is his and you can check more of his stuff HERE.

Secondly, on Saturday I am going for a gym with my own, personal trainer and I will hae whole exercises set up for my own purposes!!! As I wrote previously. I am quite psyched about healthy life style and fitness. Now after couple of months working out at home (I was watching videos by Jillian Michaels, eg you can check HERE), I decided to get some advise from a REAL PERSON and I am hoping this meeting will bring something valuable to my routine. (I am so mega-motivated!!! Owh, yeah!!!)

Thirdly, on Sunday I will have all day off. Yupiii!!! After such a busy week I am just looking forward staying all day at home, on the couch checking awesome pics from NYFW, watch a movie or do anything else what i will want as I will have time just for myself. Such a hedonistic day will be perfect ending of the week.

Well for a time being as weekend is still away my office stylization- so totally business casual- perfect for any semi-formal meetings. 

shirt H&M/pants H&M/belt H&M/bag QUZAZI ITALY/shoes ANNAGEMMAGIE/sunnies TIGER


  1. Beautiful casual outfit. Cool song!

  2. Perfect XX

    www.gajanaslife.blogspot,com :*

  3. Lovely look ^^


  4. I love this outfit, especially your shoes! I love Jillian Michaels too :)

  5. thanks for the cute comment!

    I love this style ! looks good on you

  6. The outfit you wear is so my taste as I can't stop wearing denims with white shirts :)
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


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