Thursday, 18 September 2014


Have you heard of game called 'Challenge'? It was introduced to me recently and I was offered to play it. The rules of the game are simple: you choose a challenge from the list and have to follow it for 30 days. The list of chellenges is given online and the purpose of it is to improve ones well being. (one of the websites about it, with the list of challenges you can find HERE).

With my friend we decided to choose 2 challenges- so I have choosen one challenge for myself as well as one for my friend and so did he. 

The one I choose for myself is kinda easy, as I decided to exercise everyday- 3 times per week my regular exercises I am doing already for a while and 4 times per week something new for me, which is YOGA. I believe that one month with yoga will help me to clean my soul as well as improve my body flexibility and teach me to do something consequently everyday. I am exercising with Adrianne from YOGA WITH ADRIANNE, whom is giving trainings for various emotional and physical moods- there is one for stress relief, one for PMS, one for hangover and many many others. Her videos you can find HERE and it is really worth checking out.

It is good I picked something with which I am so comfortable with, as the second challenge I have been given by my friend is so- so- so- so very difficult!!! Each and every day I have to think of what I am going to achieve during upcoming 30 years- each day applies to one year. Thinking of that is so- so difficult... Difficulties comes with deciding which aims should be placed as the most important for which year and also with thinking in so detailed way about my future life. It is pushing me to make a lot of decisions about my future, but I believe it is already decide what do I want and do whatever is needed to achive the best results in it.

As you can imagine, couple of years is fully dedicated to becoming successful in fashion industry, so to follow my fashion passion, please find my latest look below. It is much more autumn than previous ones, as Summer is nearly gone and cooler and more rainy weather came to Brno.

Hope You will get inspired with challenge idea!


top H&M/sweater M&S/skirt H&M/jacket DKNY/shoes NO NAME


  1. Cool look, I love your skirt!!!
    Kisses super fashion friend!!!

    My Facebook

  2. Super, nice skirt :)

    Brina xoxo,

  3. So chic, love all three looks!!

  4. Interesting Post!
    Also love your Outfit ,the Skirt looks fantastic :)


  5. Wonderful outfits. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  6. Love all your looks, the third one is my favorite!

  7. 3 perfects looks ^^


  8. The challenge seems fun! You look good in those outfits! TGIF, dear!
    Luxury Haven


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