Thursday, 11 September 2014


Elizabeth and James is a brand created by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen couple of year ago and since than it is establishing it's place on the market.

Ashley and Mary Kate for many years proved that they are fashion icons with unique, simple and chic style and so its becoming their brand. All them pieces are EXACTLY AS I WOULD IMAGINE MY WARDROBE CONTENT TO BE.  And I do not joke, it is being composed from everything you may need.

So here we have amazing skirts with length just below the knee- perfect for the office- and just next to them skirts made from transparent fabric- perfect for the weekend. There is a hoodie and track suit bottoms, if you want to feel cozy at home or a coat if you need something to feel warm when going for a party. There is amazing blue suit, if you want to go for modern Marlena Dietrich look or amazing little black dress to make you feel feminine and delicate. There are jumpsuits for cooler days and shorts or bralettes for boiling hot weather. And if all that would not be enough, there are amazing accessories: flat shoes to show how much you love your feet and both small purses and bigger bag packs to help you carry all your belongings. If I have it all I would not need anything else for whole summer!

If the list of pieces do not convince you fully, I will add that all that is toned in simple black and white with bits of colour smuggled here or there. the patterns are chic and to make it even more perfect fabrics seems super luxurious!

I believe I do not need to write anything more to convince you that this is perfect collection, if I will share with you couple of pictures of the garments. So here you have, Elizabeth & James for Spring Summer 2015.


  1. En el mes de la patria, celebrando la independencia de Costa Rica el 15 de setiembre, que vivan siempre el trabajo y la paz!

  2. Really minimalist !


  3. Ciao Anja!!

    Wow, I like this collection!!!

    Have a wonderful week end too and see you soon ;))



  4. I love this minimal style!!!
    Happy friday!
    Love, Paola.

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