Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Fashion only for adults? I don't think so and so does Jeremy Scott, who created collection for fashion lovers age 5 and over.

This is second time when designer is leading main line of Moschino fashion house and he simply nailed it. After usage of cartoon characters for Autumn Winter inspiration, designer is going further proving that fashion can be fun game, overtaking formal character and bringing to runaway allegory to Barbie doll. Blond beauty nicely blend into brands style with overdrawn ideal of woman silhouette, and choice of her wardrobe will perfectly match to Moschino customers needs.

It is nicely planned what was shown. Designer is offering all palette of looks- some are formal (yes, I really do mean so), some are fit for gala and others for a weekend. We can choose from tracksuits, through shirt to dresses and from variety of fabrics which can have funny prints or glamorous sequins when creating outfit. All them are styled with perfect accessorize- oversized belts and necklaces and chic bag packs and purses.

Do you wanna play with fashion? Check Moschino's website HERE for more joyful experiences.

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