Monday, 29 September 2014


So it is Monday and I made it out of bed! YEY!!! I want to say that I am happy I achieved so, but I am SO VERY NOT. I would be happy in my bed sleeping, but reality of an adult life is cruel!

Adulthood is one of the things I ponder on recently, 'cos it step into my life one day and took me totally by surprise. I do not find myself as an adult actually, but who am I to decide on it? ' cos adulthood is unmeasurable. it is impossible to asses it- Is it something visible? Is it some patterns of behaviors? Or maybe it is just connected to material status? Which ever criteria we will choose we may fail.

I remember when I was 10, I thought anybody over 20 is already AN ADULT. I do not know what I meant by this... It was some mixture of properly set up goals for the future and some material equipment (house, car and other bla, bla bla).

Now, here I am, over age of 20 something, feeling the same spirit as I did before: full of freshness, hope and excitement. Is an adulthood just Holly Grail than? Regardless of adulthood existence I think we need to do ours bits, so joyful and brisk mood is what I wish you on tough Monday morning.
Hope you will have easy-breezy week,

faux fur ZARA/top ATMOSPHERE/pants H&M/heels PIECES/bag LINDEX/hat ASOS


  1. Great look!
    Feliz lunes desde Costa Rica.

  2. love this outfit! we all struggle to get out of bed on a monday lol!
    stay pretty xxxxx

  3. Lovely hat :) M&MFASHIONBITES


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