Saturday, 4 January 2014


I am crazy shoe-o-holic! Spring didn't started yet and I already started to gather shoe-army for upcoming season. 

From the moment I have seen this pic on Victoria's Tornegren blog I wanted so so so badly to grab pair of slip ons! Later I was exploring web to find the perfect ones, which still are hiding from me. When the time was passing the idea of slip-ons was evolving in my head. To get inspired about slip ons and loafers look I can for sure recommend blog of Sietske, who can style them in the best possible ways.

My MUST HAVE-s are for sure black slip ons- comfy and fits to all the looks I have got in my mind. For a time being to make me engaged I grabbed a bergain in H&m and for lovely slipons in sail style I paid just 150 KC. Now I am hunting for more build up ones....

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