Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Couture- show by Giorgio Armani Prive

A parade of perfect evening gowns presented yesterday in Paris. The models, where stepping with pride shrouded by the glow of perfectly constructed garments and pausing the audiences breath.

Feminine but strong in it's construction jackets and coats were first to amuse us. Feminine design was combained with masculine prints on silk. The construction of pyjama suits and blazers glided between sparkling dresses. The presentation by tripelets of models kept focuse on what designer wanted to be seen.

The dresses as a separete chapter of this tale are fitted for red-carpet galas to make celebrities shine. The designs are subtle, in neutral colorssuch as nude, black. Transparent details do not promote nudity, but stay sophisticated and elegant.

Sparkling, but not shoddy are garments for day-dreaming princesses of now-a-days. Underlining all feminine aspects of woman bodies do not become obvious and refers in my mind to Tamare de Lempickas Women of Paris.

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