Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Couture- show by Chanel

This years couture is going to be remebered as first where trainers gained on popularity. Chanel brings it to catwalk as a way to repeal to street-style focused fashion trends.

Designer created clear, bright and combained from pastels amazingly tailored collection. Dresses, skirts, jackets create geometrical construction, giving hourglass shape to models. “I felt it was time to see the waist again,” said Karl. The waist concentrated piece is in contrasting color, with some detail as shiny sequins, skirts are lying on the hips and blazers are short and wide. Designer is playing with texture. Plain white when looked closely are with lace detail, the contrasting with it black is feathered and glitter.

Bride in trainers? Why not! Designer decided to break the stereotype and went further with his skater-girl idea. During whole show we see details refering to sport accesorize. The bags are repressed by hip-pack, on models kneeswe can see protectors. Footwear suprisignly comfortable, trainers in it's most sophisticated form.

Yesterday after Dior's show I was so fully amused and discovered the new way of approaching the Haute Couture fashion. Todays event made me sure that new way of high fashion addressing is new trend. The youth and concentrating on praising it. Comfortably jumping around the catwalk models with acompany of Sebastien Tellier and his orchestra were bringing to mind young girls playing and enjoying their lifes.

pics by vogue.co.uk

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