Friday, 17 January 2014

Baggy Trousers Trend

India Rose her blog is very inspirational, you can find it HERE
Leather baggy pants by Camille

I love the baggy trousers trend, but I feel too fat for it! It suits to really slim girls with flat belly and I am affraid I will look like being pregnant with my jelly-belly created on czech snack- serove tycinki... I am strong in my decision to look for perfect baggy trousers and train hard so I would get rid of jelly-belly!

(fyi I found excelent excercising set on youtube, makes me sweat like never, and I am excercising every second day!)

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  1. Hope you're feeling great! These are good too if you can find them @ Esiam Center that offers very attractive & cheaper price on Balloon Pants, Aladdin pants & Baggy Pants for Women.


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