Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Pearl Necklace

Today Pearls...

I remeber one moment from Devil Wears Prada when Anne Hatheway is wearing black and white outfit with gorgeous pearl necklace. Today in the morning I was thinking of this movie. 

It is kind of a fairy tle of our era. I like the idea that everybody can succeed, and it doesn't matter from where someone is. I like also prompting to staying whom we are. When we feel that we have been asked to resign from our own rules, morality... . I like the idea of people choosing what they think is the best for them. I like the idea of world in which it is possible to stay yourself and still succeed.

In the world which is giving us so many possibilities I decided to wear pearls. Pearls are for me the symbol of Chanel and created by her image of strong, independant and succesful woman. 

white shirt H&M/pants H&M/jumper FOREVER 21/shoes ATMOSPHERE/pearls VINTAGE

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