Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Couture- show by Dior

Raf Simons’s changed my attitude towards Dior. After many years of nearly theatrical approach to fashion we can see new way of understanding of couture tailoring. After presenting multi-cultural-inspired collection designer suceed to changed the way of perceive a brand and the show presented not only continue to reach cross cultural reciever, but also shows special focus towards youth.

The designer himself explained that his aim was to liberate couture. The fashion is not only about ones who make it, but also about those who wear it. “I wanted it to be about intimacy, the relationship of the hands making the couture with the women who are wearing it,” he said.

The garments are very light in its shape and in simple colors such as white and black. We see on the catwalk chiffon dresses, blazers and jumpsuits. All this is covering the glare of  layers beneath by precisely cut out details.

Coctail dresses are simple, coats well tailored, overall impression of the summery atmosphere. There are nice geometrical skirts with short tops and dresses with pockets as well as trainers decorated with floral and butterfly alike details. The overview may mistakenly concludes it's easy to wear yet when in close view you can see the structured couture refers.

The collection, same as pervious one, is breaking the stereotypes of the brand and plays with understanding of couture. Released from age, culture or others prejudice collection is bringing attention to fashion reciever. Modern, daily used accesorize are brought to the most sophisticated runaway. Designer is making a way for new attitude to replace old understanding of Haute Couture collection.

pics by vogue.co.uk


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