Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Couture beggins- show by Giambattista Valli

I love Haute Couture! When Haute Couture shows are on I feel like the biggest celebration of fashion beggins.

My first contact with haute couture was via FTV when I was a little girl. With my older sister we were sitting and watching it with more interest than any other TV shows. Many years later I was able to meet in person this the finnest example of fashion, while working for Poland Fashion Week and I fully understood than that there isn't any more sophisticated, detailed and luxury garments than one Haute Couture.

Yesterday in Paris this special kind of shows beggint with great names being followed by great garments. Versace, Schiaparelli as well as others are amusing us with fine art pieces.

One of shows which made a huge impresion on myself was Giambattista Vallis. The femininity of garments is underlined with floral, pastels and embroidery details. It is devided into two parts. First part containing day wear such as short dresses and skirts with bow-like finishes and origami folds. Evening wear spotlights long gowns made with tiered skirts.Both very light and great made!

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