Thursday, 10 April 2014


I feel so very- very- very embarrassed, that up till now I didn't find time to post pics from trip to Prague. 

How was Prague? As you can imagine- it was just AWESOME! I love the capital city of Czech Republic!!! I have visited it couple of times before and I have very great sentiment for it. From the first time, when I visited it with my sis, through high school trips with my friends to last year's visit right before HIP HOP KEMP festival- each and every visit was unforgettable and this time was no different!

We arrived to the city in the evening as we had to work that day. We flounder through the streets a bit and reached hostel (HERE you can find nice, clean rooms) to get ready for night out. The concert was great, than the party afterwards was even better and 'cos of that next day sightseeing was honestly not rather difficult... We nailed it though, ticked most of the MUST-SEEs. 

Here you have a couple of the best shoots from our voyage in each and every important spot. Mine MUST SEEs? During the night it will be SaSaZu and Roxy, during the day: Goya's Museum, Golden Street, Hradcany and lots of street art placed all around the city. 

Now I am just awaiting tomorrow and Electronic Beats Festival in Bratislava. If you fancy, join us there- all details on the website HERE.  

Below you have Boiler Room- Disclosure and Skream, London.


  1. Amazing Pictures! Also great Outfit :)

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Love your outfit - dope!
    Check out all of the Coachella fashion at ❤
    Kisses XOXO


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