Sunday, 20 April 2014


From the moment I started my blog I created Polyvore account, but up until now cause of unknown reasons I didn't use it.  

The other day though, while I was at work I have been thinking 'What to wear tonight' and I discovered Polyvore all over again. I had so much fun while mixing and matching items from H&M newest collection (my very-very favorite brand lately)and I found it so useful to search for perfect sets without spending fortune on spontaneously bought garments while walking around the shops and trying on thousands of clothes (ok, trying on part I actually enjoy and will continue, esp. i can find awesome stuff on sales! ;)).

To summarize I had such a great fun that from now on i am going to use this tool more often. 

Hope you will find it inspiring :)

My first time playing with Polyvore
H&M SS collection 

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  1. Amazing selection! Love this app!



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