Tuesday, 29 April 2014


OMG!!! The worst thing just begun to happen... I believe that my laptop is dying!!!

I will start from the begging. I am not sure if I wrote you before about enterprise I am creating from scratch for past couple of months, but I do so for several months already and all my activities are focused around it. To do so I need a bunch of tools and I try to use the best equipment, but my laptop... Well my laptop is an old grandpa, that it remembers T-Rex wondering around, but up till yday it was unbreakable beast! Lately though my little baby had to bare a lot! As you can imagine, 'cos of my new activities I needed to install a lot of software to make my life easier and my baby was so badly overloaded with apps... 

To sum up what happened: I installed another software and cause of unknown reason I lost the sound drivers... Sound drivers... Sounds easy, but it is truely not! After reading thousands of articles (worth adding that I work as an IT and I know like a bit about sound drivers from work as well) I don't understand why (... owh, why??? )  these drivers are not getting installed, why restore of previous settings do not work and basically why my little helpless baby stopped making any sounds at all??? 

I gotta try to fix it now together with my boy or I will need to buy a new one device, 'cos this one is sooooooo old that fixing it probably will cost more than buying a new one :/

Have a nice day and healthy laptops!

dress RIVER ISLAND/jacket DIESEL/trainers H&M


  1. you look so cute doll. xo


  2. This dress is so cute !

    Bisous !

  3. Sorry too hear about your laptop hun, hope it gets fixed. You look so pretty, love this dress. Hope your week is going well :)


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