Friday, 25 April 2014


I have just watched a short spot from The Vogue Festival and I need to share with you two findings.

Firstly I just can not believe how is it possible that I haven't watch and/or followed live and/or took a month off at work traveled to London and took part in this event! I have got a feeling like I would live in parallel galaxy, where infos about this event didn't come yet. Well, I heard/read about this (thank you grand-pa Internet), but I was so busy with myself that I didn't pay proper attention to it... I know that I was an ignorant and now I am willing to change.

Secondly watching this spot was so refreshing and mind opening! The subject of this particular one was regarding so called GOOD and BAD taste and it's cultural conditioning. (As anthropologist an fashion victim I loved observations of Garyson Perry and I will definitely watch his series In the Best Possible Taste!!!) To summarize, IT IS WORTH WATCHING, so if you want to check this spot out click here. I am going to watch now some more spots and will share with you whatever will draw my attention. 

Btw shoes of Jo Ellison are just to die for!!!

jacket DKNY/dress RESERVED/shoes VANS/bag TOPSHOP


  1. Lovely white dress.Cool slipons...perfect denim touch

  2. Nice outfit, laid back but still chic! Nice legs btw ;)
    xo xo

  3. I really want to watch this now that you mention it, your denim jacket is so chic, wonderfully styled. Have a great start to the weekend hun!

  4. Te ves muy chic.
    feliz fin de semana.
    Costa Rica

  5. Love your taste :)

    Sophie x

  6. looking cool. xo

  7. Love combination of white and denim ;)

  8. Awesome ! Lovely dress :-)

    Love <3


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