Wednesday, 9 July 2014


During summer I try to use my time as efficiently as possible. Last week we decided to go canoeing. How to organise a good canoeing trip? Lets check it out!

What you will need? 
Firstly find a place offering water activities. Surprisingly there is really lots of them. Check it, by typing your location in any browser. If you are located nearby Czech/Austrian border, I can recommend place we chose: a river leading from village LEDNICE to BRECLAV (link to website we used you can find HERE).

Secondly invite your friends. When location and prices are checked the idea need to be announced to all your friends. If everything is already prepared, it should not be very difficult to convince them by promising great time. 

Once you have a list of people we gonna participate, you all have to discuss, if you prefer to enjoy wild nature or sport activities. We wanted both, so the way we have chosen was leading through wild forests, the grasslands for horses and leading to the old castle, where we could have our lunch and relax. 

It is very important to remember about your physical possibilities! Don't overestimate your strength!

Once you will complete all tasks there is nothing more than just to enjoy the trip :D


  1. Woow, cute horses! and we so very cheerfull! Follow you!

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  3. Nice pictures!

    x TFLA: x


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