Sunday, 27 July 2014


With a bit of delay I can announce that I HAVE BEEN ON POHODA FESTIVAL! 

Where is it?
Trencin, Slovakia. Website HERE.

How to get there?
There is no direct buses to Trencin airport, where festival takes place, so the best option is to travel by car. If you do not have car, check festival's website, or Facebook fan page, where lots of people is offering a lift for reasonable price. 

What to pack? 
Wellingtons, tent, parka jacket are must haves, I advise to take also a supply of fresh water (the closest shop is quite far away from the village). Festival village is quite nicely equipped, so you can expect: place where phone can be charged, showers, free wifi all around the field, lots of restaurants (also quite impressive choice of vegetarian dishes), coffee places, fashion shops and gift shops (if you hunt for cool festival- tagged bag, as I did, you have to hunt for it at the very first day. The amount of all gadgets is limited). All info you will find in info-book you can get at the gate when entering. 

Do you travel with kids? 
In the village was a special tent for kids, where the youngest participants of the event could enjoy some pre-organised entertainment. 

This year top performances, as per my subjective choice:
1. Kraftwerk 3D show with amazing visualizations. 
2. Broke- danish band with extremely, positive energy
3. ESEZLESA- Czech band bringing to my mind sound from teenage times by SOMETHING LIKE ELVIS BAND
4. Moderat- it became my very favourite band now! :D

5. Disclosure- <3


  1. It sounds really great to read about this festival....great event!!

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  2. Nice pics!!



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