Monday, 7 July 2014


Recently I am writing a lot about BASICS (mostly HERE and HERE). This is simply because I believe both firstly it is much grater challenge to create inspiring look-book with use of just couple of garments instead of each time presenting totally new clothes; secondly I do not think that perfect looks are about consumption but more about learning how to gather garments that will suit my personality and style timelessly.  

One of this basics which I love is WHITE DRESS. Once you will find the perfect one, you will not want to take it off and will stay with you for years. To totally disagree with what I wrote in paragraph before I will admit now that I have got couple of white dresses. To justify myself I can just say that each and every one of them is in a different style. 

This one from H&M and I like couple of things about it: firstly it is simple, secondly it has underlined waist; thirdly it has very delicate embroidery with some lace details which is making it girlish. Perfect for summer!

Enjoy creating your list of essentials!

dress H&M/heels BATA/belt RESERVED/sunglasses NEW YORKER


  1. stunning girl

  2. You look gorgeous in this outfit!

    Visit my blog:

  3. Great dress, the fit is perfect!

  4. This dress is gorgeous :)

    Bisous !


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