Did you know that Eskimos has a couple of words to differ white colour?* I remember how surprised I was when I first heard about it. Amazing how environment affects our vocabulary, but it truly does. Reason is boringly logical. We speak about things we see, so if our surrounding has different colours white, why not to give them names to make life easier? 
In my language we have just one WHITE colour and we are more used to differ shades of gray, which I believe is more culturally conditioned. If it is about white, it is being used to tame the hot weather. We believe white do not attracts sun, so lower experiencing of heat. Whatever cools down also helps to survive summer in the city. 
Inspired by Eskimo vocabulary and summer trend for white took a challenge of setting different shades of white to tame both hot weather and office dress-code. I hope you like the effect. 
*I am using expression of 'couple of words white' to simplify my thoughts. I need to explain myself that I know that we are not able to translate directly from any language to another, so if you are interested in Eskimo vocab please check for example HERE.