Monday, 16 June 2014


Office dress code.... Owh, I believe there could be PhD thesis created regarding office dress code requirements. 

Basic rules: no open shoulders or back, no shorts, no mini, no flip-flops... Sounds strict? Nothing more misleading- the overall requirements of business casual has so wide meaning, that each judge would have his own thoughts and reflections in it's regards. 

What is business casual? Well basically it is everything and nothing. As I heard on the welcome day in my company, HR representative said: 'Well, we (as a company) leave it for our own employees to judge is suitable for the office. Just remember to be reasonable.' Can anybody say something more confusing? 

And so a colleague of mine consider ripped jeans as suitable ('C'mon, I wear it with white shirt!'-she says) and my other colleague wears skirts so short that sometimes I am afraid she just really forgot to put them on in the morning-fiver before going out. None of them was ever told a word about it. 'If both of them looks reasonable and nice, there is no need'- one of my supervisors said. 

Prompted by my co-workers behaviour I forgot about any business casual rules up till last week, when one of my male colleagues came to work in shorts... Yeah, male in shorts... that is when hell begun. To show you a picture- shorts where not hot pants, regular short pants worn by most of guys, reasonably ended around the knee, matched with nice shoes and polo tee. Crucial for this story is also fact that outside was 36 degrees, so lets face it, it was boiling hot that day, yet everybody were thrilled by a picture of gentleman in shorts. Shocking? Well for me not so shocking as fact that no one noticed or commented girl in a dress with open back sitting next to him.... 

As I hate any prejudice, hereby I wish to show my full support for the movement fighting with dress-code-related-gender-discrimination. I wish that in all offices there will be new rule followed stated by Jenna Lyonds from J Crew: "If your teeth are clean and you have a good handshake and you're groomed, I don't care what you wear. Go for it. Whatever works for you." 

And here is my look- Of course in the office I stay in the jacket ;)

dress LIPSY/jacket VINTAGE/sandals PRIMARK


  1. U look gorgeous, hun *_*

    Have a great week,


  2. Muy bello vestido!
    Saludos-Costa Rica

  3. I'm very admire you and somtimes we do need the courage to break the custom. By the way, you are really beautiful with the dress!
    backless formal dresses austrlia

  4. Love this… beautiful!
    kisses from Miami,

  5. Amazing dress and sandals combo!


  6. I love the denim jacket!:) gorgeous look!♥

  7. Work dress code is so difficult to understand, and maybe a bit discriminatory. Sometimes, it depends of the job. If you are on the customers service you need be formal. I usually don´t wear short, mini skirt or open back in an office outfit, In summer is difficult with the hot, winter is easier.
    I like your dress, and I give it my ok for an office look.
    I talk about something similar today on my blog, I talk about a job interview outfits.

  8. This dress looks so girly and cute ;)

  9. I love your dress and sandals
    Want to follow each other? Sandy Sandhu

  10. Omg, so I just started interning and I feel like business casual is such a grey area too!
    Lovely dress !

    x TFLA: x

  11. Great dress!!!

  12. What a lovely dress!! love the the game of creamy yellow and white.
    Fashion Avenue

  13. lovely dress!

  14. I love this easy breezy outfit! So cute.

  15. Lovely jacket :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  16. Cute outftit. It fits you very well.


  17. So lovely, great dress :)

    Brina xoxo,


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