Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Each thing is of like form from everlasting and comes round again in its cycle.

It is funny how clothes are having cycle of lives. (I believe that such life-cycles brought whole idea of vintage clothing, which is so close to my heart! ^^ ) 

My clothes are living, dying and being reborn constantly. How to recognize the ones that have it? Simply some of the pieces are so-called favorites for months. It matches to everything and you always feel like wearing it. After such good times are coming bad times. Clothes are being vanished for ages, so you could forget about them and one day find them on the bottom of the closet and let them to come back in a big style. 

Such life cycle has just made my varsity jacket. It was lying at the bottom of my wardrobe for nearly a year... I was so into it ages ago, but after wearing it EVERY-SINGLE-TIME I got bored with it and put it away for nearly eternity. I didn't like how does it fit me, I didn't like it's design I was even bother by it's black-and-white-perfect-match. And lately i rediscovered it. Accidentally I took it out from the box and I just can't get enough of it, if I could I would even sit in it in the office. 

That's why today again varsity jacket and simple-flower-patterned skater dress. 

jacket H&M/dress ATMOSPHERE/boots BATA/sunglasses NEW YORKER


  1. Yes, I think the same about clothes. Thank you for the tips about green tea, maybe I will try to order them, but recently I don't order too much things, I like to buy it in my own country. Love,

  2. me gusta mucho el vestido es precioso.Un besazo

  3. Perfecto combo dear, love the dress with the jacket, simple and chic, keep up the good work!
    Sigue así de guapa y sonriente!
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  4. Your dress is so cute!!! Love the whole outfit, so cool!


  5. original and nice

  6. Awesome !!! Nice post.
    Thnaks for your comment, followbackk ?
    Kiss ♥


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