Friday, 28 March 2014


I always fell unsure about jewelry. I don't like exaggeration, I don't like anything too shiny, to sparkly and glittery... I like to keep my looks simple and definitely I like to keep it comfy. 

Finding jewelry which I like is a challenge. This is the reason why usually I am choosing just watch and earrings. Lately I wanted something more... As I am not a necklace person I wanted to find some rings, I didn't want to look cheap though. I have seen so many pieces, but I never felt like wearing them. I had in my mind a perfect set of simple rings, which I could never find.  It happens to me sometimes, that I draw a picture of some item in my head and I don't want any replacement, I am searching and searching for a perfect design I have in my mind. 

Recently I found a perfect ring set! It was hidden in H&M SS accessorize collection. It has all the qualities that I appreciate as it is simple, without any additional details. I bought it straight away. It is just perfect!

You can find it HERE.

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