Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Flowers and Bomber Skirt

Did I already wrote about the TEA-THING. I think I didn't so i have to start from the beggining. The TEA-THING started 'cos of my beloved 53R102K4. Well not all, 'cos I was always a TEA-PERSON, but he was the one, who inspired me to begin adventure with Chinese tea. 

We started dating last year shortly before Xmas time and as a gift for this first holidays together I recieved from him a set of dishes to prepare Chinese tea. It was containing 4 adorably little cups, one bigger where tea is being brewed with cover, one little glass jug and little kettle. 

At first I was not very into idea of preparing whole ceremony and following rules, which 53R102K4 was saying with his demanding tone of voice. After a while though I started fully enjoy the custom and I fully appreciated the taste of Chinese tea. Soft on tounge and so different than taste I knew till now.

Now after a year we are together enjoyin the ceremonies as well as taste of this drink and 'cos of that we are very picky about what to brew in our tools. Today is a day when after 4 weeks of awaiting my Chinese tee arrived, yupii!!! Can't wait to try it!!!

If you are interested in ordering Chinese tea check the shop we order in you can find it's website HERE. As i see it the best is Jasmin, but there is plenty of them which are good: Milk Oolong, Pu Erh and others.

As an addition to my tea story my today's outfit. Today I was so into spring :) A lot flowers inspired by Asian culture patterns and origami-alike skirt in European stylization.

top TOPSHOP/skirt TOPSHOP/jacket ZARA/heels MILA PAOLI


  1. Really nice!
    Costa Rica

  2. Gorgeous combo!! You look beautiful


  3. Adorable look, love that floral top!!! xo


  4. love your skirt!! :D

  5. Love how you styled this outfit, the skirt is the cutest shape, looks so pretty with the floral top. Hope you're having a good week so far.

  6. Nice top!




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