Monday, 3 March 2014

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

Spring has come and it brought first spring rains in Czech. 

Dressing nicely while rainy weather I consider as very challenging. Firstly I have to take care of my hair as I have a fluffy type. I need an umbrella or a hoodie to have a false feeling it will look good all day. I call it false feeling, 'cos even protection may not help and even a bit of moisture in the air can make me look like a poodle. 

Walking in the rain is also not very convenient 'cos I need a pair of shoes which will be both waterproof and not from anything plastic alike. I want my shoes to be on my feet from the moment I leave my flat till I come back so it needs to be comfy. I hate the idea of changing shoes in the-OFFICE. Why? Well, let's face it, there is no pair of shoes, which I will feel-like-wearing every single day 365 days per year! Bringing them with me? Doesn't sound too convenient either- brings to my mind being a turtle and necessity of dragging my home always with myself (and on my back!).

It may be not a lot of factors to be focused on, but they are crucial to feel comfy. Fashion apart from making me look fabulous, has to be useful, so for my rainy set I choose khaki jacket with hoodie and canvas Vans with rubber sole which isolates me from wet pavement. 

jacket ASOS/top RIVER ISLAND/pants H&M/trainers VANS/sunglasses NEW YORKER


  1. Cute top!


  2. Love the glasses! Great look.

  3. Love the urbanity of this chic outfit, the hooded parka is so cute.

  4. easy, casual and a cool parka. xo


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