Sunday, 2 March 2014

There are always flowers for those who want to see them

And the weekend is nearly over... So fast as always :/ This is two days off that I have from the-OFFICE and also two days when I am the busiest, even more than during the weekdays. 

This weekend wasn't different at all... Waking up early and on my full power from the very morning I was focused on my aim (I wrote about it before- I am stating small goals each week to make my plan more embraceable). In between project related activities I found, surprisingly, time to make a bit of spring-cleaning. A bit cos of two reasons. Firstly cos I managed to clean properly just part of the flat, secondly cos for proper spring cleanings will be more time when officially spring will begin. 

Spring cleaning was not the only achievement this weekend. Sometimes I am so busy that I forget about crucial part of my life: Mr. 53R102K4. This weekend it was one of my little aims to find for him time. Yesterday we went for Laser Game (running around like crazy with the gun replaced gym) and today we went for a walk and lunch in the best sushi place in Brno. 

And now, when I am sitting again in front of my laptop improving my plan to concur the world I ut on a post-it a note to remember about small pleasures in between job-stuff. These couple of hours during the week is not much and I feel both satisfied with work related stuff and happy in my private life. 

If you fancy one of the best Asian restaurants in Brno you can find it here.
If you wish to try laser games check here 

playsuit H&M/jacket H&M/slipons ATMOSPHERE/scarf NEW LOOK/sunglasses NEWYORKER


  1. Lovely Playsuit ,you look gorgeous :)

  2. Great combination! Love the jacket!

  3. So nice this playsuit!


  4. So sporty chic, love the romper! xo

  5. Great loook dear! Love the varsity jacket :)

    Have a nice start of the week.
    Come and vosot my blog if you want !



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