Thursday, 8 January 2015


I came across this set of 5 exercises yesterday. It is designed by fitness guru Justin Gelband and in gifs below you can see model Karlie Kloss, walking advertisement of it. It is awesome, 'cos it targets both upper and lower abs and help to keep trouble zone around the belly nice and flat. 
Fans of the crop tops- lets begin workout before summer comes!

How to do it? 
All exercises start up in plank position. For them to be effective, it is very important to keep correct posture. Focus on few things and succeed! Keep your back and arms straight, hands need to be below the shoulders and booty can't fall down. Keep the contraction in all the muscles and when you will feel it is too hard remember that you do it for yourself! Keep in your mind what result you want to get and do not give up!

1. Raise your glutes a bit to avoid scraping knee on the floor. Pull legs inside towards your abs, Do not let your knee to pass the waist not to loose the contraction. Do it
alternatively, one leg after another.

2. Side crunch. Add more strength, by holding water bottle in your hand. Extend your leg and arm and than slowly pull them back.

3. Similar as previous, but involving a it of a twist to target sides of abs.
4. & 5. When doing this exercise be focused not to twist your hips and to keep back straight. To challenge yourself more add some weight when pulling arm up.

Do it for both sides, I recommend to do 3 series each. Start with 5 reps and build it up, take a bit of time off in between the series. Afterwards remember to do some stretching. Try cobra pose. HERE is explained how to make cobra pose by Adriane from #yogawithAdriane. 


  1. This is so informative and I love the image demonstrations! Super useful. Thanks for sharing
    June Wants It All

  2. Thanks for this help ;) We all need it after Christmas!!

  3. Well I certainly needed this motivation and these exercises. Lately I've been looking for exercises to do indoors, so I don't have to face the boiling weather outside here on the other side of the world. And man, Karlie Kloss' body is to die for.

    The Life of Little Me

  4. Nice!


  5. I def am going to use these

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  6. This looks so interesting! I think I need to try them too because no matter how much I control my diet my abs are well not so tight!
    Nilu Yuleena
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  7. This is good ,perfect actually for after the holidays !

  8. Amazing post and idea! These gifs are really helpful! =)

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  9. Thanks for sharing! I love this type of things so I'm definitely gonna try out the exercises! ;)

  10. I need inspiration like this !


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