Wednesday, 28 January 2015


No more excuses! It is time to work on your legs before wearing mini skirts and bikinis during the summer. I have already started following routine presented by Karlie Kloss. Do you want to join me and prepare your legs for mini skirt season? Let's get started.

Start standing straight. Bend your knees in a kinda-sitting position (not fully though). Extend one leg and lift knee upward (pointed the toes),  return to an extended position, bring leg back to the other one and straighten up the legs.  It is important to perform the exercise correctly to get the best result, so avoid swinging the leg. After doing series for one leg, switch them. (Working on one leg will make you feel the muscles burn :D)  Start with 10 reps and built it up.

Start similar like previous exercise, but this time lift straight leg up. After doing one series, switch legs.Start with 10 reps and build it up.

We again start in the same position. This time firstly extend leg  back,  move it behind the other leg and then move it back to the extended position. Before coming back to start up position, slightly lift the leg up. With this exercise, you work on hamstring and upper thigh. After doing series for one leg, switch them.Start with 10 reps and build it up.

This exercise is a standard lunge with bend knee. Perform it slowly  using hip, butt, and thigh- it works on inner thigh and hamstring of the standing leg. Start small and gradually advance range of motion to knee level. To avoid injury don't go below knee level. Begin with 7 reps and build it up.

Stand in shoulder width position. Perform a squat. Focus on the muscles working to do the exercise correctly- hip, butt, thighS and muscles above the knee should be pulling your body down slowly. Sit back as far as you can. Move few times upwards and downwards within a couple of centimeters  and raise up. Do not do deep squats below knee level. Begin with 7 reps and build it up.

After whole routine remember to make some stretching to relax the muscles. If you ran out of ideas what to do, you can try my very favorite Jillian Michaels lower body cool down sequence- vidoe with it is hidden HERE. Once you will achieve your result, enjoy short skirts as much as possible!


  1. Awesome, thank you for sharing !

  2. Hi dear and thank you very much for your friendship on IFB. I’m very happy!!! Nice suggestions dear but I'm too lazy.... :-(
    Have a nice day, kisses,

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  3. Amazing!
    I am gonna go try these right now!


  4. thank you for the reminder and for the useful tips!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  5. Yehey for toner legs this 2015. :)
    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Great work out!!

  7. I need to start this workput ASAP!


  8. Thanks for sharing this tips, I really need it , I already started to exercise everyday , but I need this for my legs :)

  9. Love to know this. I have to start this training.


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