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Are you dreaming of firm butt? Follow these exercises by Justin Gelband presented in GIFS below. The only thing you need to do it is MOTIVATION. Prepare your butt before pulling on shorts this summer enjoying this butt-sculpting exercises!

How to do it?

First 3 exercises starts on your hands and knees with your back straight. These are variations of the same exercise, but targeting different parts of glutes. Start with 10 and build to 20 repetitions. If you need rest in child pose after each exercise.

1.  lift your leg straight up till the butt level. Move it slowly upwards, repeat this movement two times. Focus- the smaller the motion and the more resistance in your leg, the better result it gives.

2. raise your leg up, bended it in your knee.Imagine that you are tapping with your toes the ceiling. Focus on muscles, the more tension, the better result- engage stomach, tight and working buttock.

3. Similar to previous exercise, but with foot parallel to the ceiling, what engage hamstring. The movement is rather pushing than lifting motion, focus on it and on working parts: stomach and working buttock to get better outcome. 

For next two exercises you have to prepare additional equipment. Depending on what floor you have equipment will vary- on smooth floor (eg. wood) use towel, on carpet plastic bowl without sharp edges will work.

Begin both of following exercise in a standing position with a slightly bended knees. One of your foots is placed on the top of the towel/inside the bowl. Start with 6 to 8 reps and build to 20, then switch sides and repeat.

4.  Lean forward at a 30 degree angle.  Slowly slide the leg into a lunge with focus on extending straight back. Than slowly return to the starting position.  

5. This time perform slow side lunge that brings inner butt and thigh to it. Than focused come back to start up position.

Do it for both sides, I recommend to do 3 series each and remember to take a bit time off in between them. Afterwards remember to do some stretching. You can check Yoga With Adriene for booty stretching link to  HERE.
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  2. great post dear.Willsurely try out some of those moves

  3. All of these exercises are really effective! Great tips!

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  5. Great tips, sweetie! You certainly got me moving.......... xoxo
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  7. I love these, and yes I need to get in better shape! Thanks for doing this, you totally motivated me. :))


  8. Nice post. I use to do simillar exercices.

  9. YES!!! Thank you for this!! I really needed this post with my new fitness freak vibes!! The bum and the tummy are my two biggest points I want to work on so I'll definitely be using these. Thank you! xxxx

  10. Amazing fit inspo Anja! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is fantastic Anja! Thanks for sharing

  12. Great exercises!!!
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