Thursday, 1 January 2015


Today a New Year has begun! I am so excited, 'cos it is going to be a good one. It may seem, that I am so confident about it, as I would have a crystal ball to see the future, but it is not the case. I do not need to have any magical equipment to know how I will live my life this year, 'cos I already have everything to achieve what I want. The features are motivation, consistency, belief in myself and positive attitude with which I will greet every single day!

Not to be lonely with my happiness I want to wish you all exactly the same amazing future! I wish you all to fell in love with yourself and be for yourself the best partner you have ever had (unless you already are so, than I wish you to continue this relationship with confidence). 

I wish you all to find more time for yourself, your hobbies and self- development. I believe that if you push yourself, you can achieve everything, so once it happens take your time to award yourself and enjoy the successes. 

I wish you all to be your best friend, 'cos when you are so, all the universe will support you in whatever you need help. 

Happy New Year to you all!

If you feel that in any way I violated copyrights, please let me know. I will either list you here or remove the picture from my blog.


  1. Your blog is great! I got very inspiring ideas for my new look in 2015. Keep creative and Happy New Year!!!

  2. Happy New Year.

  3. happy new year:-) nice blog


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