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There is one problem area that each and every girl should work on- underarms. I don't know how about yours, but mine got a bit fluffy since I turned 25 and every year it gets worse and worse... As it stops me from wearing my very favourite vests and tank tops I decided to fight with it. I say decisive 'no' to jelly under arms! Wanna join me in sculpting it? Following these four simple moves will help us to achieve our goal!!! Let's get started

Before starting prepare 2 bottles of water or alternatively two weights.

1. Begin in a standing position with slightly bended legs. Extended one leg to the side. Keep arms  firm at chest level with elbows angled just slightly upward. In your hands hold a three-pound weight (alternatively water bottle). Rotate the torso towards extended leg side and simultaneously lift the leg toward your stomach bending a knee. This exercise works on shoulders, triceps, biceps, and the underside of your arms and chest, so it works all places we show, when in strapless dresses! The rotation at the waist also tones your core, while the thigh lift helps work on balance and stability.
2. Similar to the previous exercise. Start in the same position, but this time keep your arms straightened on your chest level. Keep weight in your hands and twist toward the leg.
3. This exercise start in seated position with hips to the back bent knees. Keep the bottle in your hands and arms like in the first exercise.Allow them to initiate the twist, but remember about keeping your abs engaged to protect your back. While rotating shift between legs, bending one after another as arms moves from side to side.. This move targets the arm and shoulder and makes it shape perfectly for a t-shirt sleeves.
4. Start in the same position as in the previous exercise. This time use two weights. Bent elbows and keep arms close to the torso. This exercise involves straightening the arm, when performing slow controlled punch and simultaneously straightening to the leg to the back. Return to the starting position. Create a feeling of resistance as you alternate arms and feet.

Do it for both sides, I recommend doing 3 series each. Start with 10 reps and build it up to 20. Remember to take a bit of time off in between the series. Afterwards do some stretching. If you don't have idea what to do, HERE is a link to upper body stretch by Jillian Michaels I usually do.

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  1. Amazing clips, Anjage! Love the wonderful tips, dear! xoxo

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  3. Awesome. These are some helpful videos. I have to try some of these. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post if you get a second! Fash Boulevard

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  8. This woman is such a scam artist. “I can makeover your body and here are my requirements: you must way 110 lbs or less, you must wave your arms in the air for 1000 reps and finally, you must consume 900 calories a day.” Simple right?How to Get a Flat Stomach


  10. I'm doing the Insanity and I told my self that I have this whole 2015 to do it. My arms are my main goal too.
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  11. Yes, we so overlook our arms! I recently wrote a post about how to stay in shape without using the gym so I really appreciate finding out about exercises that you can do from home or anywhere. This year, I will work to incorporate these exercises into my routine.

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