Thursday, 30 July 2015


Lately, I tend to think of myself as a woman. I wear my fancy bodycon dress, cover my shoulders with biker jacket and I feel very feminine. Regardless what I wear and how I behave though there are a couple of things that always awaken a kid in me. One of them is the sea. 

I cannot imagine better holiday than on the seaside. I can sit on the beach for hours staring at the waves hitting the shore. Their sound relax me and the view of it hypnotize me. With the addition of fresh air and sand massaging my feet, what more do I need??? 

These pictures were taken when I have seen the sea for a first time after a whole year break. I was the happiest ever and could not stop myself from getting in even though it was quite chilly. 53R102K4 was laughing at me and saying I act like a little girl. Well... All of us deserve for moments of total forgetness, isn't it?

STARRING: dress ASOS/jacket STRADIVARIUS/sunnies H&M


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