Monday, 3 August 2015


A compilation of images, music and thoughts that are all over my head now. I am heading towards making August a month of progress and creation.
Stay awesome!

MUSIC - I wish to share all the awesome artists I have heard during Melt!, but I don't want to spam you now with tons of links, so I decided to include today just one and the rest I will add to my future posts. Stay tuned!

READINGS- short and simple articles in german. I could speak in it very well, but in past years I have forgotten all the vocabulary... Now I am going to change it!

MOVIE- Boyhood. Totally awesome! Watch it if you haven't seen it yet ;)


FASHION- Akerstroms as a perfect inspiration for the office dress code looks.

FOOTWEAR- this month is going to be shoe-shopping less month. I will do my best not to buy even one pair. I really will! Well... In the worst case scenario, I can make just one exception... In a meantime, I am obsessed with Isabel Marant Moon Boots variation and I am searching for some cheaper variation of it online... It will be perfect for winter!

BEAUTY- light brown smoky eyes for a day and glitter everywhere for a night.

DRINK - Mint. It is refreshing, it can be either hot or cold and it is totally healthy!

ACHIEVEMENT- keeping the focus on what is truly important as well as strength and courage to take risks.

 LUXURY- time for myself.

pictures from my Instagram account. If you like it check more HERE  


  1. July was obviously fun to you. Hope your August will be much better and more memorable.

  2. Great pictures, summer inspiration, festivals...❤️
    Please join my giveaway where you choose one item from Jexshop and you could win it :)

  3. so lovely and colourful pictures <3


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