Monday, 24 August 2015


Animal print on my dress causes people to look at me while I am walking down the street. I wonder whether I like it or not. It is not the skirt, a friend of mine says. It is your top. It looks like you wear a bikini. 

It is good as an artist to always see things in new, weird way.* I allow myself to think that I am an artist to forget about this madness. It is a perfect explanation, especially that today I indeed wish to produce. Creating is not easy, though. Hours pass and nothing come to my mind... I wander around my flat. I sit on a couch, lie on a bed, move here and there. I feel it may help, but it doesn't. I listen to my favorite tracks. I read poems by Baudelaire and briefly go through Topor's Tennant. I can't focus on, though, I know it all by heart and going through it again seem to have no sense...

I decide to change a strategy. I want to watch a movie for a change. I think of Bergman or Kubrick, but hours of web browsing brings nothing good. I watch Citizenfour and become paranoid. I hesitate if I should even mention it on my blog. My tired mind looking for come across FKA Twigs video. I need nothing more, nothing less. It is perfect. I feel the pressure disappear and it brings me such a relief... In peace, I focus on my work now.

Enjoy the video and stay awesome!
*Tim Burton


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