Wednesday, 12 August 2015


A set of black dress and beige gladiators is my response for 'I don't have anything to wear' situation. You would think that during summer when the sun is shining so bright one may not have problems with waking up, but nothing more misleading. My problems with oversleeping last since forever. Bad time management or just fondness to sleep? I am hoping the blame is on the second one, but my general tendance to be late may indicate differently. 

To be honest, I like to put a blame for my bad timing on tons of factors, which are irreversibly independent on me. My favorite one refers to living for months in Indonesia. It changed how I approach the time, but I would lie saying it actually affect my lateness in any way. I like to mention it, though, cos it brings lots of good memories. I wish to be less responsible pack my bag and go back there. I often list on a piece of paper pros and cons of such situation and for a time being there is more cons... What I am heading towards, though, is getting more holidays in order to visit other continents more often. Fingers crossed for it to happen!

Stay awesome! 

STARRING: dress ALLSAINTS/gladiators and sunnies H&M/necklace LINDEX/bag VINTAGE

pictures 3W4


  1. Lovely dress) Looks very girly and sweet)

  2. The dress is beautiful!!

  3. Love so much this look, specially the gladiators, I don't know if I'll find them in my city

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