Monday, 3 August 2015


There is no better inspiration than memories. This outfit is inspired by one of mine of a girl in khaki cargo shorts. I don't have one like hers, so until I get one, I wear my envelope skirt instead. 

This summer I absorb all the beauty of the world and get new ideas in my head. I write them down in a notebook. I can't let them vanish in the nothingness of forgetness. One of them may be a real breakthrough! 

I was waiting for a breakthrough for a while, but I don't anymore. Well... It is not that I don't, but I just gave up myself to the faith and in the meantime, I work hard instead of just sitting and waiting. 

I am very focused on studying. I have never been so into learning before. I blame/prize for it giving up alcohol and other drugs. Now every day from the very morning my brain seem to be fresh. Fresher than ever. 

Surprisingly and paradoxically, next to freshness I feel haze. Like I would be on some drugs. I like it. It helps me to keep laid back attitude and do not to care too much about what does not really matter. I wonder what causes this dizziness. Maybe an overload of work, maybe the sun or maybe this is just how soberness feels.

Have a fresh, wonderful week and stay awesome!

STARRING: skirt ZARA/top RIVER ISLAND/slides ALDO/bag H&M/sunnies and rings LINDEX

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