Wednesday, 19 August 2015


This year we had kind summer. It hasn't finished yet, but fall already started to give signs of its closeness. It was raining all day yesterday from the very morning till the very evening. I was walking through the rain with an animal print umbrella and in my tank top. Luckily the rain did not bring cold yet. 

The sun does not shine as strong as it was before. It doesn't burn the skin anymore. It is gently warming up the air. Some people may enjoy it, but not me. The hotter it gets, the more I like it. The most I enjoy the sun burning the skin and the temperature so high, that it slows down all the motions when only sitting on the marble floor brings some relief during the day. I love the state of stupor it causes.

Oh, I have to stop with this nostalgic mood... TI have chosen pictures from BEFORE THE RAIN for today's post. They make me believe that summer is not yet over. I wish that so much...

Stay awesome! 



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