Friday, 21 August 2015


Sometimes I can stare for hours at the water. It doesn't matter whether it is a sea, a lake, a fountain or any other kind of water spring. I just sit, look at it and it calms me down. I do that to chase away demons of rush hours and look into myself, find some inner peace...

This weekend I am to spend some time with myself. I am not much of a loner, but once in a while I love to do so. I will learn, exercise, work and do everything I was lacking time for. The most importantly, I need to find time to lie in the grass, nearby the fountain on the hill and read a book. That will be a perfect culmination of this weekend!

Stay awesome!

pictures TUMBLR


  1. Finally I have found another person that just obsess over water :D My soul sister^^
    And your pices are just beautiful <3

  2. Oh breathtaking beautiful waters..gorgeous pictures

  3. Great picks & awesome photography, dear! xoxo


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